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klynshoe posted:
I am almost at 8 weeks and noticed I've been having some very vivid nightmares almost every night. Anyone else experiencing this?
5ylver responded:
I am. Not every night though. The dreams I have are very weird. Last week I had a dream that I took DD, who is 9 months right now, to Target and left her in the cart at the front of the store by the registers and went to the back of the store and when I came back she was gone and the whole store went on lockdown while we searched for her. I would NEVER and I mean NEVER do that, I don't even step 4 feet away from the cart with her in it. That dream scared the crap out of me!
adalexnaya responded:
its a part of pregnancy Im kind of laughing right now.... not that your dreams scare you or that I think having them is funny but I remember how very vivid my dreams were in 2 my pregnancies... mine werent scary in the least, but very very vivid, I dreamed of how my babies would look before I gave birth, ironically I drew pictures of them (im a bit of an artist) and the pics looked exactly like my children did when they were a few hours old....(once they were dry and clean) Im now 5 weeks in my 6th pg (I only have 3 children a dd 3 1/2 and a set of twin DS 2) and the vivid dreams are starting again. mine are rather amusing bc they are so random and off the wall... Im sorry yours are so scary... Hope maybe they turn from scary to amusing...

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