Planning a wedding & pregnant! help
sweets1988 posted:
It was not planned to be a shotgun wedding at all. he proposed about 3 weeks before we found out about the baby. lol. but we are getting married June 14th and i will be 17w+4d's into this pregnancy. Any advice? Im doing a Dr. approved smoothie diet with my "snacks" and vitamins through the day and trying my best not to gain weight. I'm a big girl to begin with, size 20 pants and 40 DD's before i got pregnant. So i have the challenge of making sure my dress still fits when the day comes. I mean if my breasts get any bigger i may not like how my dress fits.. but my future husband will! lol plus i dont want any chance of gestational diabetes., they say bigger girls have a bigger chance at it. anyway! Anyone else having weight issues? or just feel heavy? im only in my 5th week and i feel ive gained weight ;_;
hisangelface responded:
lurking from 3rd tri...

Congrats on the wedding and the baby! Very exciting!

If you are careful with what you eat, you shouldn't necessarily gain a lot of weight. I was a little overweight prior to getting pregnant with my twins and ended up only gaining 27 pounds. The boys weighed 7 and 6 pounds each and by my 5 week postpartum checkup, I was below my pre-pregnancy weight. The baby will take what it needs to grow. So, as my OB put it, if you have "extra" the baby can take from there to make sure they get what they need. It is actually possible that you could lose weight during this pregnancy, at least at the beginning.

The fact that you already feel like you've gained weight is probably due to the bloating. It's one of the worst 1st trimester symptoms. Make sure you drink lots of water and have lots of fiber to help with that. Good luck with the pregnancy and the wedding plans. I am sure it will all work out!
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MSettle78 responded:
Lurking 2 Tri :

Okay I am defintly one to help ! I am 22 I am currently 6 months 24 weeks pregnant ! I was 21 weeks when DH and I had our WEDDING ! We actually got married legally before that BUT we had a BIG wedding ( 110 ) people. I was a size about 20 when I got pregnant and yes I have gained a normal amount of weight about 17-20 so far which is normal. Even tho medically I was considered Overweight before and not supposed to gain more then 10-15 lbs. its VERY hard not to. I would get off the diet your on because that is not good for the baby ! I did something similar before I was pregnant and there are alot of artifical sweetners and stuff in there that isnt good. You can still eat healthy like fruits, meats, veggies and stay healthy. Your in your first trimester so its very CRUICAL to eat right . About your dress.... My boobs are the same size and it sounds like we have similar bodys. I started showing pretty early around like 7 weeks i looked bloated then around 12-13 weeks I started to pop a little and I DEF looked pregnant by 17 weeks. My dress I had to order very large and have it taken in everywhere except my belly ! I ended up getting a Alfred Angelo Dress that is maternity style for brides maids. Hope that helps If you ever want to ask me anything about it im in the 2nd Trimester board ill be in the 3rd in a couple weeks ! Good Luck !
sweets1988 replied to MSettle78's response:
no i refuse to eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners. Its amazing how horrible that stuff is for you! The smoothie diet its a booster to my breakfast, with all fresh or frozen fruits like peaches, strawberries, blueberries and Yogurt. then i have whole wheat toast. Then throughout the day i munch on healthy foods, like carrots, apples and pasta. Then i eat a good dinner, but i have been craving salads with chicken as of late. Im not starving myself at all, i am just watching what i eat. And i make sure to take in what i need, like a fish oil supplement for omega 3's as well as blueberries. And a calcium supplement cus my prenatal only does 15% of daily value. But with my morning sickness anything greasy is such a turn off, makes it easy lol. But yeah i will just order my wedding dress large and have it fitted the week of the wedding. looks like its all i can do lol. But since this is my second baby ( or babies... twins run on both sides of the family lol) i just know that i will show a lot sooner then 1st time. People still didnt know i was prego til like 8 months last time lol
HawaiianMommy10 responded:
Congrats on the wedding. We're in the same boat => My fiance will be back from Kwait in May and we're getting married May 15th. Ill only be 14 and a half weeks so Im praying Ill still be able to fit in my dress. Im small but I know every pregnancy is different. So while you may not gain ANY weight, I might BLOW up lol. Dont worry about it sweetie. Just continue on with your diet and enjoy your pregnancy and wedding experience. Congrats once again.
sweets1988 replied to HawaiianMommy10's response:
Thank you hun, im trying to keep my chin up lol. so far even tho ive tried to stick to my diet im catching myself cheating with chocolate or ice cream lol im pretty sure ive gained weight so far. its hard to fight it when the weather has been too wet and dreary to do my walks. /sigh that and stress with more people inviting themselves makes me think im holding a concert not a wedding lol. life funny i suppose! hehe Hope you have a great time and a amazing wedding tho ^_^
HawaiianMommy10 replied to sweets1988's response:
Sometimes you have to treat yourself to the ice cream and chocolate ;) so dont be to worried if you gain weight.Remember we want HEALTHY babies, you can always lose weight (wont be easy) but its not possible to redo the pregnancy and create a healthy baby over. And as for your wedding STOP letting them invite themselves lol.I have a strict list and Im very SERIOUS about it hahahah. Hope you enjoy yours too !