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Worried of miscarriage. Lack of Symptoms.
sweets1988 posted:
before i found out i was pregnant i was feeling a lot pregnancy symptoms. now as im into my 6th week they have died out for the most part. I had food and smells that would make me sick that i normally like. Now my tummy and nose dont seem to care anymore. Backache went away last week. Yeah im a little tired but i already have a 2 year old to run after. I have been getting headaches most every day, but they don't last long. sorry, but ive been constipated for a while now. Some mild cramping that could be from the constipation. also no period, which has kept me from stressing much. Ive been prego before and this just seems too easy. i had morning sickness for 3 months with my first. im just worried that everything's alright. My Dr. wont see me til April 18th unless its vital and i can always call. just wanted your opinions. Is anyone else feeling this way?
Teemom2011 responded:
When I was prenant with my second child, I didn't really have any symptoms other than the missed period. My second prenancy was a joy and I wasn't in labor that long.
palvarad responded:
Every pregnancy is different. With my first son, I keep telling everyone I felt like a Disney Princess. Everywhere I stepped flowers would pop up, birds made my bed and I all but sang to chipmunks.

This time around? My back is killing me, my mood keeps swinging like a pendulum and the next idiot that gets near me with cheap perfume is going to get a black eye.

That said, enjoy this good time! Unless you have serious, serious cramping and blood issuing from you abnormally I'm praying it should be fine.

Please let us know what the doc says! And don't you just HATE waiting!? I do!
sweets1988 replied to palvarad's response:
yes!! im am so tired of waiting, why cant i just go in now? lol. thank you both for your reply, im just worried that with the symptoms going away that maybe it was a hormonal pregnancy. im only worried cus my friend had one last month and she had no symptoms. I will just pray everything is alright and wait here, sitting on my thumbs lol
melissa5583 replied to sweets1988's response:
I had a chemical pregnancy in October and I had a few symptoms but they totally went away 2 days before I started bleeding. I just felt like I wasn't pregnant anymore. I also took another pregnancy test and it was much lighter. It actually never got really dark. Now I am 6 weeks pregnant and I worry all the time if I don't have symptoms. But mine come and go. I won't even feel pregnant for a couple of days, and the next day I feel sick and extremely tired! Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't feel pregnant at all, but I had an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat! 122 bpm! :) I've just gotta learn to worry less and relax a little!

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