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What Are You Craving?
Afshan007 posted:
Lately I can't get enough salads! Since they are good healthy foods I'm going with it, but any type of veg is making my tastebuds go crazy, I even ate a whole box of dehydrated mixed vegs in less then an hour!
palvarad responded:
Lucky you! At least you're craving healthy food! Me?? I want cheeseburgers, yummy bad for you cheeseburgers! I inhaled a big mac in record time. It was like the creepy scene in V where the alien woman ate a rat.

sweets1988 replied to palvarad's response:
when my morning sickness is hitting me hard, all i want is either a salad or a sandwich.Something cold and uncomplicated. The thought of anything greasy, or even smells greasy will make me gag. Lucky for me this time around it seems to come and go, so far... Tho i have been craving blackberries agai ! at least its not in dead winter this time lol
Afshan007 replied to palvarad's response:
Palvarad your post just made me LOL! Don't feel too bad before I found out I was officially pregnant I would want chocolate all the time! I even went so far as to make myself a peanut butter sandwich and then dip it in fondue chocolate, and enjoyed the h3ll out of it! I think I also ate an entire tub of icing and told the kids I forgot to buy the icing thats why the cake had none... But now that you mentoin it a Cheeseburger and milk shake is sounding so good right about now... sadly no one starts making Cheeseburgers at 9:30 in the morning!
palvarad replied to Afshan007's response:
Gah! awfulness! Isn't it the worst when you want a particular something to eat but you can't find it or it's just not the right hour for it???

I had a Big Mac the other day and snarfed it down as if it were the last supper. I hate the meat so I take it out and just eat the bread, special sauce and lettuce!

Sweets1988, you have me wanting to try blackberries agai. :( I looooove blackberries.

And Afshan you had me at the icing !! Heart you for that story LOLOLOL!
Afshan007 replied to palvarad's response:
Oh the worst is when your craving something from a place thats no longer in business! I had that happen to me with DS, I craved these duck dumplings from this chinese resturant that I lived close to when I was younger, but now they are out of business and of course no one makes dumplings from duck, only pork, chiken, and beef! Or when I had a horrible craving for chocolate glazed donuts with coconut sprinkles, and they don't make those anymore either! Oh the humanity!

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