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Congratulations on your BFP! Welcome to YOUR community!

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I'm going to be a mom!!
arosb posted:
Hi Everyone!

After a few days of intense mood swings, frequent urination and a missed period, I took a test. Those two little lines popped right up!

I haven't told anyone- I'm still in shock. My boyfriend and I recently moved in together, and just got back from a trip from paradise about a month ago.

Boy, is he going to get a surprise tonight!
MSettle78 responded:
Lurking From 3rd Trimester

Wow Congrats thats so happy ! I remember that first THRILL of WOW im pregnant YAY ! Good luck telling your BF thats so exciting enjoy the ride
mskay251983 responded:
wow congrats you may have dec due date like me too.keep us posted on how db took it.
BeautifullyBlessed responded:

Congratulations!!! So exciting! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

And Paradise!!! Wow! Was it as amazing as it sounds? I would love to go.
Me (31) DH (30) Hoping for 1st DS or DD by next year! God is good all the time and His mercy endures at peace!
arosb responded:
Well, his reaction isnt quite what i'd hoped for.

He laughed for a few minutes, and then shut down.

Im 24, he is 27. We've been dating a year, we live together, and we both are fairly succesfull with our careers. Our only obsticles are that I am returning to school in june, and we arent married.

He says this is not a healthy environment for our child- I agree that this is not how I thought it would happen and I am just as shocked as he is, but we have the potential to make great parents. I am so torn, sad, and confused.
An_218135 replied to arosb's response:
let it all sink in. with my son, i was 23 and had just left his bio father. now i am married and 6 wks along and my husband wanted this child as badly as i did. he was stand-offish for about a wk after i told him but is now coming around. if your in a bad environment then fix it if you can. if you cant right away then i'm sure as long as mom and dad are with baby, the baby's not going to mind. I was in a bad place with my son for the first 2 1/2 yrs. he still loves me and no matter where we are he's happy. you two will be just fine. no worries!

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