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The black hole that is my stomach...
DeeMommy2Be posted:
Am I the only one who is absolutely starving 24 hours a day? I don't remember it being this bad with my previous pregnancies. I ate a HUGE bagel with cream cheese at 10 am and I'm so hungry, I'm nauseous right now. Like, actual hunger! Hunger pains! It's like this all day Time to go shopping for snacks!
BeautifullyBlessed responded:
I had that during my last pregnancy. It was horrible! I had to eat like every two hours. I was only about 8 weeks. What made it worse is that I even woke up in the middle of the night every two hours...unbearable!

How far along are you? Keep us posted on things that work for you and keeps you full for longer periods.
Me (31) DH (30) Hoping for 1st DS or DD by next year! God is good all the time and His mercy endures at peace!
ReneeSP replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
I'm so hungry all the time! It comes on suddenly and feels like I must eat or die!!
htma4494 responded:
Hey, you should try and eat more filling foods that will keep you full a lot longer, you're probably eating junk food or foods that have a bunch of empty calories. Some things to try is a nice bowl of Oatmeal (get a flavor you like and add a liitle milk), this will keep you full until lunch. For dinner, try adding some beans to your dishes, they are very filling and keep you full for hours. Hope this helps,
BeautifullyBlessed replied to ReneeSP's response:
ReneeSP...I know how you sympathy is given to you. But it is all worth it!

I heard that potatoes and pasta keeps you full longer (i heard).

Are you eating snacks in between meals? Maybe good crackers, nuts, fruit...two hours after a big (regular) meal?

Let me know if you find a system that works for you.
Me (31) DH (30) Hoping for 1st DS or DD by next year! God is good all the time and His mercy endures at peace!
ReneeSP replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
htma4494 - I actually do not eat much junk food at all, and never eat white bread or soda or any other empty calories. I'm a health nut.

I find I need a hearty breakfast with protein like eggs to even make it to 9:30 a.m. (I am an early bird, at work at 7). I do eat snacks between meals, usually fruit and almonds or crackers between breakfast and lunch, and plain yogurt with fruit between lunch and leaving work. I try to just have a glass of milk while I make dinner, but sometimes I have to snack before dinner too! I think maybe I don't eat a big enough lunch, I'm going to try that in the next couple of weeks and see if I can cut out that extra snack before dinner!
htma4494 replied to ReneeSP's response:
Oh okay, sorry about the assumption (b/c I know I sure do eat junk food b.c I tend to crave it alot now) But I did notice that when I eat Oatmeal for breakfast and a nice salad for lunch, I tend to not eat as much during the entire day. Yesterday, I did not eat a good breakfast and I sure felt the difference b/c I was munching all night, LOL!!!
adalexnaya responded:
how far along are you??? I felt it earlier in the pg but not so much anymore lol, I eat things that make me feel full longer like cashews, and peanuts, and eggs, cheese, yogurt milk and that sort of thing... Look for anything high in protein... it makes you feel fuller longer, which is awesome on the run when you can just eat whenever you feel like it!!
marchbabee replied to adalexnaya's response:
lurking 2nd tri:
I remember this feeling in the first tri...and my m/s revolved around hunger. If I got hungry, I'd feel neasaus and need to eat ASAP. I found that I had to eat every 2 hours as well. Unfortunately, my body was craving bread and cheese...a bad combo for putting on the lbs! But, once I had fewer food aversions (after 12w) I could eat a more balanced diet, and now eat a pretty sensible diet. I am currently almost 27w, and find I'm still hungry more often than when I wasn't pregnant, but if I snack on fruits and veggies, I don't feel bad for eating more often.
The most important thing is to eat when you are hungry...don't deprive that baby it's food b/c it needs it to grow. It sounds like you are eating healthy foods, so good luck! I have yet to find a food that keeps me filled up for longer than 2 hours, so if you do, let me know!
Oh, hummus is a good, filling food, but I find it gives me gas (TMI), so I don't eat it anymore...maybe try that with some veggies
babydollangel replied to marchbabee's response:
I have been the opposite my entire pregnancy so far. I am 12w 5d and I am hardly ever hungry when I do get hungry it hits me all of a sudden and I have to eat right away, but once I start eating it doesn't take much to fill me up. I know that this will change at some point but I'm hoping it doesn't lol. I was slightly overweight to start with so Idk if that has anything to do with my lack of appetite.
cbragg15 responded:
I was like that constantly with my first pregnancy, my stomach would CONSTANTLY growl and I was always hungry. I hated it but if the baby was hungry, I ate! LOL.. good luck!

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