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    Baby's heartbeat....
    ascheller posted:
    Hello everyone,
    I am 10 weeks and one day. Last week at my u/s they didnt hear a heartbeat and told me that I lost my baby. I went in two days later and they had told me that my HCG levels were 87,000. Because of this, she wasn't 100% sure that I did miscarry. I was nine weeks four days at that u/s. I have been going in for bloodwork every 2 days and my levels keep rising. My doctor told me she was cautiously optomistic. I have had ZERO cramping spotting or bleeding. I still feel sick on and off and i'm very tired all the time and my acne has been flaring up as well. I still feel pregnant. I'm nervous for tomorrow, as I'm scared they wont find a heartbeat and schedule a D&C. Is it ok to not hear or see the heartbeat yet? I'm so confused as it seems is my doctor. She thought maybe I'm just not as far along, but my first positive test was March 17, so I should be at least 7 weeks...Any ideas why they cant find anything but my levels are still high and on the rise?
    mommyin2011 responded:
    Lurking from 3rd tri...

    Im not sure how far along u have to be to hear the h/b, but I had my 1st u/s at 10 weeks and u could clearly see a baby. even if you were 7 wks along, I would think, with an u/s they could as least see an image of a baby and / or the hear beating.

    with your hcg levels raising, that is GREAT news! I would def. get a 2nd look before you do anything (like a d&c).

    I wish you all the luck in the world!!!
    Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies (both 1) - 1st baby EDD: 7/31/11 - BLUE TEAM!!
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Did they try to hear the heartbeat or see it? DS cooperated and we were able to hear his heartbeat at 10 weeks but DD didn't and we couldn't hear her's until around 14 weeks. 10 weeks is usually a bit early to hear a heartbeat (my doctor said 14 weeks is usually when you can hear it via doppler). Did they do an ultrasound to try and see the heartbeat?
    m_alex responded:
    I feel exactly like you. When I was 6w3d pregnant I went on vaginal u/s and we saw the HB (we didn't hear it, only saw it on the screen). After that at 7w we couldn't see the heart beat nor the baby well-it was in weird position according to my OB.. After 2 days I had another vaginal u/s and we saw baby has grown but still we couldn't see the HB. My HCG is growing, I don't have bleeding or cramping,still have my pregnancy symptoms but I'm really,really scared about the baby. Last year I had 3m/c and now I'm in bed sick of worry. My husband says to go to second Dr.with more updated u/s machine so we can see/hear better. My current OB thinks that I have 50-50% chance and says to wait, not to worry since it's growing and HCG is not dropping. I should be 8w2d now. Really I hope and pray the baby to stick this time. Good Luck to you too and want to tell you that I understand how you feel since I'm in same boat. I just pray all is well for all of us...
    ascheller replied to m_alex's response:
    Yeah, its so confussing. I have had bloodwork and vaginal u/s 4 times since last wednesday when they first thought there was a problem. I'm not trying to HEAR it, I'm trying to SEE it. I went in Wednesday and they said that they saw a little nubbin that wasnt there last time so they think i either had back to back pregnancies or twins and lost one. I really dont think they know what to tell me.... It's so hard, it's almost harder than loosing it and knowing for sure and moving on and trying agian.
    DaleCDean29 replied to ascheller's response:
    I would get a second opinion, the very earliest they can see a heartbeat is roughly 6 and 1/2 weeks. The baby is in usually still so small at 10 weeks that it should not matter the position the baby is in if they are doing a vaginal u/s they should still be able to see the heartbeat. Also I know it doesn't help but try not to stress all the stress you feel goes back to the baby. I would look into a different doctor though it sounds like this one is not sure of whats going on.
    Dale 31, DH 30, DD 9 Months Pregnant with number 2!
    An_218162 responded:
    I'd definitely seek a 2nd opinion! The fact that your levels are still rising is promising and I wish you the best of luck!!

    This is my second pregnancy and I had my first (transvaginal) ultrasound at 8 weeks and I clearly saw the baby and heard a strong heartbeat. Same with my first a few years ago.

    Based on things I've read in the past, hormone levels can take weeks to return to baseline in the event of a miscarriage. But I haven't found anyone that said their levels increased.

    Again, best of luck!! :-)
    TsukariAurora responded:
    I'm expecting my first and I'm at 7 weeks, from the research I've been doing you can sometimes hear the heartbeat at that point. At 8 weeks the baby is only as big as a grape! If you're really concerned I'd say get a second opinion.

    Best of luck!
    Expecting her little bunny this December! XD
    battleforlife replied to TsukariAurora's response:
    I am sorry to hear all of this, I too had 2 ultrasounds, both vaginal, first time they said it was too early, only the sac was there but nothing else, my second one was today. Still the sac is there but nothing else. They told me , I am going to have a miscarriage, don't know when. I am heart broken. My husband is upset, but we as woman and carry this child inside of us, feel more than the morning sickness, our breast are sore, they don't know the pain we are feeling. The doctors said based on the amnibiotic sac I should be 7 weeks, I don't know if I can just sit around waiting to have a miscarriage. They asked me if I wanted a D & C, but to me its like aborting the baby. I can not do that. I don't know what to do.
    TsukariAurora replied to battleforlife's response:
    Awww! Well I hope you two prove the doctors wrong. Here's hoping!
    Expecting her little bunny this December! XD

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