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YeagerV posted:
I dont know why but lately so many people have been getting on my nerves. I feel like everyone has an opinion to give me and I am getting so fed up with everyone. I know they say it can be hormones but I honestly think if people have nothing positive or nice to say they should just shut up and not say anything. I feel like freinds have been saying rude things to me. Today a freind who is a bigger girl was telling me she didnt show to 7 months!! I was like really...I felt like saying its because your fat. Sorry guys I just had to vent to someone. I had another freind say tell your husband to enjoy your body now because it will never look the same. Seriously these are just a few of the BS comments I have heard in the past few days. Geez women are so jealous and catty. Anyone else care to share what rude things have been said to you? I am 12 weeks and am not really showing yet but I have had people say o yeh I can tell your getting bigger. Really?!! I cant even tell!
Pamela11703 responded:
omg i feel the same way! lol FIrst of all this is my 4th pregnancy, i have three boys at home (4, 3, and 7 months) so I am just exhausted all the time which leads to my mnoodiness! My mil came over the other day and was like "Oh wow you already have a belly" mind you i dont yet! lol I even lost a few pounds because i was still following my weight watchers plan... I pretty much lost all my baby weight,, I was so annoyed, even if i were showing i dont want to hear about it. Then since this is my fourth and yes he/she was unplanned... dh was scheduled for a vasectomy but kept postponing it everyone keeps having the same reaction... "AGAIN? WAS THIS PLANNED?" its so rude... even if it was a surprise im really happy about it. Im just tired of people in general i think lol...
Pamela(29), DH(32), Patrick(4) 2.14.07, Ryan(3) 4.20.08, Liam(6 mos) 10.20.10, Edd 12/2/11 - Green Team!
TWalker02840 replied to Pamela11703's response:
OMG with 3 boys that age I would be moody too!! Im in the same boat, I have a 10 mo. old and a 5 yr old and this pregnancy was definitely a surprise/unplanned and now that I've had time to get over the shock im really happy but i feel like people in my family are more rolling their eyes over my pregnancy and Its preventing me from really getting excited about it. Two of my cousin inlaws are preggo with thier 1st and i feel like my family could care less that im pregnant again. Thank Godness my husband is super sweet and always cheers me up. My own mother told me she thought I looked bigger a week before i missed my period??WTF?I also have big boobs and a smaller frame so my cleavage always gives it away too!
Pamela11703 replied to TWalker02840's response:
lol i guess mothers and mil are just not very nice to us preggos after the first two times around? Definately not as excited for us... Im really excited despite the family's take on the situation at hand. I think hubby and i are probably not gonna get along for awhile lol I already told him that when he gets stressed he can have a hall pass and go out with the guys.. I need hi to be on my side throughout it all!

I really believe people aren't that nice because they're jealous. I have a lot of friends who wanted more than 2 children and most of their husbands wouldnt let them go past one or two kids.

When are you due?
Pamela(29), DH(32), Patrick(4) 2.14.07, Ryan(3) 4.20.08, Liam(6 mos) 10.20.10, Edd 12/2/11 - Green Team!
YeagerV replied to Pamela11703's response:
Me too!!! I'm glad I am not the only one.
YeagerV replied to TWalker02840's response:
Wow.... That's messed up.
TWalker02840 responded:
Really, when did having more than 2 children become something to balk at? I feel like because I rent a home, not own it or I don't have an established career people feel like i have no right to have big family. My DH tells me thats not true but i think it is. My MIL & FIL are both super happy for us they have 7 & 6 siblings respectively and love that we're adding to our family. I just can't stand the overly opinonated people who feel the need to vomit their sentiments all over you. Just like the psycho birth story people. Keep it to your self people, thanks.

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