#3 on the way and a 5 month old
chell1003 posted:
I have a 3 yr old boy a 5 month old boy born in December and I have been on birth control since I had him and I went to a surgeon on friday to have my gallbladder removed. We were at the surgery center and gettign prepped, they did a urine test said mam' your pregnant was shocked and told them no I'm not, they then did a blood test it was positive also. My surgeon came in and told me and cancelled my surgery I asked him to order a ultrasound since I had no idea how far along i may be. I was thinking l would be like 4 weeks Lo and behold Im 11 weeks pregnant and was still taking birth control and I had 3 xrays. Feeling very overwhelmed and shocked still...do any of you ladies know if i should be worried about the xrays?
bcfrost816 responded:
Oh my, what a shock!! I don't think I would worry too much about the birth control, I don't think that would harm the baby really. The xrays, I don't know....what kind were they? Were they around your stomach area?

I'd definitely be getting into see your OB as soon as possible, hopefully they can do a detailed ultrasound to aleviate any fears or worries. Congrats!
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Pamela11703 responded:
wow! Congratulations! I also got pregnant when my first son was 6 months old and I was on birth control... What did the ultrasound look like when you had it done, I'm guessing the baby looked healthy and 11 weeks is pretty far along! Ask your ob for some extra tests to ensure everything is alright. Will you be okay not getting your gallbladder removed, I hope you arent gonna be in pain from that now..

Im sorry im not much help with the x ray question... I just wanted to say good luck and keep us posted!
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chell1003 responded:
thank you ladies, i can have it removed after 13 weeks stil...im not hurting much anymore. yea we were pretty shocked and i think i still am it hasnt sunken in yet...