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    Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Hello There Mommies,

    Congratulations to all of you February Mommas! You have your little Cupid on his/her way!

    This thread is for all the pregnant mommies due in February 2012 to get together, chat and share stories with others at the very same stage as you are.

    You'll find a link to this and the other Due Date Clubs at the top of the page in the announcement area to help you locate your friends here easily.

    Feel free to introduce yourself, let us know where you're from, and share your BFP story with us!

    You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment ~ Dave Barry
    Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Surely we have some February mommies out there...where are you? :)
    Baby in the tummy, it's all up to mommy. But once the baby's had, it's bragging rights for Dad
    cbragg15 responded:
    I just got a BFP! According to the website I'll be due February 12th, making an OB appointment today :) will keep everyone updated!
    emhobbs replied to cbragg15's response:
    We found out last week that we are pregnant! We will be in due the same week!
    APMOLLY replied to cbragg15's response:
    i just found out im pregnant to an my ue ate is eb 12th :) anyone can tell me what symptoms you are getting because i really ont have much jsut getting really dizzy and going to the bathroom alot .
    cbragg15 replied to APMOLLY's response:
    That's about all I have too! I'm REALLY tired as well & bloated... I feel like I could sleep ALL day long! :) :)
    cocochanel23 responded:
    Hi! I'm Megan, I'm from NJ and I am currently expecting my 3rd due on 2/2! Yay!
    Megan(32) DH (32), DD(4.5) DD(2) Yellow team 2/2/12
    babybunnnnny responded:
    Hi I am Shon from Dallas Tx. This is my first baby I am 43y and quite shocked. I had been TTC for many many many years and gave up. so this baby is quite the blessing. I am not sure when I am due because, when the DR took the Sonogram she said the baby was very tiny. that was 2 weeks ago. I will get another Sonogram on Friday and if the dates are correct I suspect I will be due Feb 2nd( ish).
    babybunnnnny replied to APMOLLY's response:
    I am gonna assume my due date is Feb 2nd. I use the restroom alot too. I have some mild Nausea.
    wowimpreggers replied to cbragg15's response:
    I already was 99% sure I was pregnant, but it was still weird to see that little plus sign on the HPT this morning. According to my LMP (May 12), I should have a due date of Feb 12, 2012, although I'm a little uncertain about this because my LMP was early and very abrupt (my cycles were running 30-32 days apart, but the one in May came early at 28 days, and it only lasted 2 days when they usually last 4-5 [& the 2nd day was pretty light>). I am wondering if I conceived earlier than originally thought and that "period" was actually implantation bleeding. It definitely seemed like a period the first day, not just spotting, but then it got really light and then just went away by day 2.

    I don't have health insurance, which sucks. I'm going to apply for local well baby and welfare programs, but am worried I won't qualify due to making just a tiny bit more than the income guidelines. I just got a job at Starbucks (minimum wage, only 20 hrs/wk) which doesn't pay much but at least by October 1 I should be eligible for their health insurance. Will have to get a 2nd job to be able to afford this baby! Hope I have the energy. Right now I am SO TIRED.

    I'll be 5 mos along by the time health insurance kicks in (if my anticipated due date is right) and I am hoping that I will be able to see a doc somehow before that time. At least for an ultrasound and to make sure the baby is healthy. I did have a few drinks (vodka) and took some 600-800mg doses of Ibuprofen last month before I thought I was pregnant. That worries me.

    A little worried about lack of health coverage & lack of $$ -- but excited nonetheless.

    Drinking the recommended 64 oz of water every day; having a hard time trying to make myself drink more of it. Trying to exercise more; have been walking the dogs, rollerblading and riding a stationary bike at least 30 mins/day for almost 2 weeks now. I have about 15-20 extra lbs already on my frame that don't need to multiply into even more excess weight during this pregnancy! My diet has been awful; I'm a junk food & sugar addict, but I hope to change that starting now. I don't want my baby to have a hard time eating right (like me).

    Have been bloated, wanting junk food, and HORRIBLY CRAMPY. God I miss being able to take Ibuprofen! Tylenol doesn't help with the pain. Am laying on a heating pad right now trying to relieve the cramps (which is no fun, because it's quite hot in the house already). And so tired. I just want to sleep all day. I hope the cramps and the exhaustion go away soon.
    lkolo04 replied to wowimpreggers's response:
    Just found out I am pregnant yesterday. My boobs are really sore, I'm bloated, and have had mild cramping for 5 days. I hoping it doesn't get worse than that! According to a due date calculator I'm due around Feb 17th.
    Juliannasmom responded:
    Hi Im Kristen. Found out on Friday that I'm pregnant with my second! I have a DD who will be 3 in August. Estimated due date is Feb 14th.
    Amanda8109 responded:
    I am currently 7 weeks and we had our first OB scan yesterday and got to see the heartbeat! We have been TTC for almost 2 years now (I have PCOS so we have been working with fertility drugs) and our last try with injectables before IVF worked! We couldn't believe it! My due date is February 1st and we are still in shock! The scan looked great yesterday and our dr was surprised that we only had one little bean. When we triggered and sent home to BD, we had 2 really good sized follicles so the fact that there were not more than 1 was shocking but gladly taken by me! One at a time please!

    I have definitely started to feel the sickness and fatigue so I am trying to cope! I will take whatever is given for as hard as we have worked for this precious gift!

    Congrats to all you mommies-to-be and can't wait to hear how we are all doing!

    gcargueta responded:
    So we found out on May 24th that we were pregnant with an EDD of 2/3/2012. My BHCG was 313 (the dr was thinking we had more than one in there) Well sure enough we just had our first u/s this morning at 6 wks 5 days and low and behold we are having twins! Though there might be a 3rd one hiding, we saw what looks like a shadow and a heartbeat, but because they are so small right now it's hard to tell.

    We will be going back in on the 28th to confirm. Right now Baby A is sitting right near the cervix, so was pretty clear to see. We could see and hear the heartbeat (134) and measured at 6wks 1 day. Baby B is sitting out near by bladder (joy) and is harder to see, hb also at 134, though I think it might be a little slower because it looked that way on the u/s (though still good) and measured just under 6 wks.

    I'm hoping there are just two. (A little overwhelming the thought of 3.) They brought in another Dr to confirm how many and he thought the shadow was just a it's just a waiting game now. :o)
    wowimpreggers replied to lkolo04's response:
    The bloating is not fun. Thankfully it seems to have subsided a little bit today, so maybe yours will let up a bit down the line, too. My belly was so swollen and stiff last night it looked like I was 3 mos along already!

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