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Shedding some uterine lining and 7 weeks
chaddor1119 posted:
I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. My husband and I had tried for 2 years before giving up. By the grace of God 2.5 years later, I'm pregnant! However, I've been having light to dark brown spotting for the past week. I've had blood work done and all shows alright. I wasn't overly concerned until I started seeing tissue (uterine lining) mixed in. What is going on with me? Will I still be able to carry a normal pregnancy if my lining is shedding? It was 24 mm at 4 weeks 5 days - my progesterone is 24.5 and I don't have a bicorunate uterus. My doctor isn't concerned, but I am
leftcoastgirl responded:
If your doctor isn't concerned, I wouldn't be either. Spotting is very common in first tri, and brown spotting is of less concern than bright red. What you're seeing might not be lining at all - it could just be mucus. Gross, but true.

Have you had your first ultrasound yet? If not, you should be having one soon. That usually helps put most expectant moms' minds at ease.
I do't want to freak you out or cause concern, but if it starts turning red, you could be in trouble, heading for a m/c. I started spotting at 7wk2 days, within 2 days I started shedding tissure and light red spotting. I went in and had a u/s done, I was 7wks 4 days, baby looked fine, h/b of 105, which was normal. But ater the u/s I lost what I'm sure was my mucous plug, started cramping and bleeding over the next 2 days and m/c at exactly 8 wks. Nothing was wrong with my baby, my cervix was weak the Dr thinks and just couldn't handle it. I did get pg again 4 mo later and carried to term, to 41 wks 3 days to be exact w/#2. I don't want to worry you but just watch for red

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