Pregnant After A Miscarriage
SMORE10 posted:
This is my first time writing on a discussion forum but after reading many post felt comfort in the experiences of others.

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage prior to this pregnancy. It would be my first child. I have to admit I am extremely nervous. It appears I have lower than normal progesterone and I have been placed on supplements because I was lower than I should be for 5 weeks (2.3% lower than "normal"). I don't have any of the systems such has swollen chest as in my last pregnancy but I am also not cramping or experiencing any spotting

Just really nervous. Has anyone had low progesterone and been placed on supplements and gone one to not miscarry the baby?

Thank you in advance for any reply's.
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Smore,

Congrats and welcome to the 1st Trimester community! These ladies are so will love it here! :)

You might also find a lot in common with our Pregnancy After Loss community which has other mom's that have gone through miscarriage and are now carrying to full term.

Our communities have been a great way for mommies to bond and calm one another's nerves when you're feeling down or worried.

This article has some good info on progesterone and includes a chart with numbers to compare with.

Hope that helps! Let us know how you're doing!

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SMORE10 replied to Andie_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you so much! I will check it out. I got great news today. My levels are moving up nicely and based on the sonogram I am 5 weeks along. This has given me comfort. I go next week to check for the fetal heart beat. Praying all goes well!
AAgradillas responded:
Well, I miscarried on 5/25 and now I'm 8 weeks preggo and didn't even have my period after the miscarriage. It was the BEST surprise ever. It CAN happen :) I had an ultrasound last week and saw the heartbeat :)
Don't stress too much (unavoidable I know), but know that we are here for you and if you need anyone to message or have any questions, I'm here :)
Sending you prayers and hugs.... :)
SMORE10 replied to AAgradillas's response:
Thank you! Going for my sonogram this morning so please send lots of prayers.

Congrats to you. Very exciting! :)
kshirley15 replied to SMORE10's response:
Lurking from 2nd trimester....

I had low progesterone at my first appointment at 6 weeks. It was just slightly low, 19.1 and the doctor likes to see it at 20 or 21. I was put on 100 mg of prometrium and by my 10th week it was up to 26. I am now 16 weeks and everything seems to be going normally!