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1st appt & nervously excited
wishes78 posted:
good morning! today i am at 7w+4d and this afternoon is my first appointment, i am excited yet nervous! i'm 32yo and this is my first child, haven't told anyone except my sister and of course daddy to be. it's been hard keeping this secret but we wanted to wait until after today's appointment. we are so ready to tell our family and close friends; daddy has been trying hard to keep it in and is ready to burst lol, especially to his 'boys' (cousins and brother). never been pg, had to take 4 hpt, 2 different brands for me to accept and absorb the blessing. smiley face is me! only symptoms are nausea (little & seldom), major fatigue (fell asleep during conference call!), sore tender breasts, and of course the bathroom has become my second office. am super excited yet nervous for this afternoon... smiles & hugs!
kfadak responded:
Well then let me be the first to tell you Congratulations!!
wishes78 responded:
***update*** dr only saw yolk sac, said it may be too early. online calendars say i should've been 7wks. dr says i may have ovulated later than expected. scheduled for another appt next wk. anyone been through this?
kfadak replied to wishes78's response:
I went through the same thing my first appointment . The US tec. told me they could only see gest. sac not even yolk sac at 5 or 6 wks. Told me I was to early. I had a follow up US 2 weeks later and told me I was 8 wks. instead of 9 weeks and a couple days.
wishes78 replied to kfadak's response:
hey there kfadak, thanks for the reply. i'm trying to stay positive and calm but when i think about the dr's words "possibility of development stopping" and the chances of "mc", it freaks me out. seems to me this is going to be the longest wk wait. hope and faith, is what i'm clinging to plus it really helps being here.
kfadak replied to wishes78's response:
Try not to think too much about it. Keep yourself busy, & do not research anything!! That can really get your mind going!
hoping2012 replied to wishes78's response:
Hi Wishes78, I am 32 too and am pregnant the first time too..7w4d today! I had a similar experience at my first appointment which was about a week ago when the doctor said that she would like to do another US next week. I had my second appoitment this tuesday and she was happy with what she saw! So dont worry all will be good.
rach818xx responded:
Good luck at your next appt. my first appt is monday! i am so anxious and excited. this is my first pregnancy as well. keep us updated!!
AAgradillas responded:
Have you had your appointment yet? Make sure to keep us posted! We are all praying for you and you'll probably just find out you are a few days earlier than you thought :)
Lysana replied to wishes78's response:
Please update when you can! It's not uncommon to find out that you're not as far along as you thought you should be, especially if you're not tracking ovulation. Hopefully you'll get another ultrasound soon and get some good news! (((hugs)))

I'm sorry, I know how stressful it can be to not see what you expected to see on the ultrasound screen.
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