Sharing the big news
EEE4565 posted:
When did everyone share the big news with family and friends?
I am 9 weeks today and only immediate family knows so far. I was thinking of waiting until 11 or 12 weeks I have an ultrasound coming up right around then. I have kept everything quiet since my sister miscarried 3 weeks before I found I out we were expecting and she had to tell the whole world that she lost it. I may be being paranoid.
mrshoro responded:
I'm 9w today too.
Only my bff and another old friend know. We are not going to tell anyone else until I'm 13-14weeks.
I don't think your paranoid, I think your being practical.

Have you thought how your going to tell then you do?
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EEE4565 replied to mrshoro's response:
Im aiming to last until about 12 weeks, im so terrible at keeping exciting news a secret. Not sure how im going to mention it, will probally just start telling people without the disclaimer to not mention it on Facebook. Then that will take care of everyone else. My girlfriends are not the type to keep quiet.