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Im always tired and always hot...normal??
Christyle26 posted:
This is my first pregnancy. When I wake up I'm tired but I get up b/c I feel hungry, then after I eat I want to go back to sleep. Today I literally almost slept the whole day. Im exhausted and I didnt do anything but sleep!!! Im tired right now smh. And on top of that I always feel hot, I kick off the blankets, I feel like I need air but the crazy thing is the heat isn't even on in my apartment yet and we've had some cold days in NYC. I think being tired is normal, but should I be this tired and should I always feel so hott!! Let me know what you ladies think??
Anon_3148 responded:
I was also always sleeping with my first, and now I get by with napping when my DD does and going to bed is exhausting!
Anon_3148 replied to Anon_3148's response:
Also am super emotional this time around....was never a "cry baby" until I had my DD and she turned me into a big sappy mess & now that I'm prego again, it is an emotional rollercoaster!
mrshoro responded:
This is my first. I sleep a lot, 9 hours at night and 2-4 hour nap in the day(sometimes 2 naps is I didn't get the 9 hours). I also have trouble regulating my temperature. Hot and sweating to freezing in a hour.

If I don't sleep enough I cry at little things. The naps really help.
DH, Roxxy(furbaby, 4), Abby(furbaby, almost 2), EDD 5/15/12
TeenMom2008 responded:
This is my second and I am more tired this time than I was the first. Last time I was 16 and had tons of energy now I am balancing work college and a 3 year old. Even with 10 hours of sleep every night I am still exhausted by lunch time and ready for bed by 7.
snobuni23 responded:
I am right there with you. My first preg was a breeze - I didn't even know til 3 months and had no morning sickness or complications. This time around, I have terrible acne, I am bloated like crazy (11 weeks but look 6 months), constipated, weak, dizzy, etc. I am always freezing cold and always tired.

I'm sure everything is fine, our bodies are on double-duty right now and it is very exhausting. Take advantage of the naps and sleeping in while you can, because once baby comes out....

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