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questions about 1st appt.
sweetsummer88 posted:
Hi Ladies,
I've taken 3 home pregnancy tests and they are all positive. I'm going to call my ob-gyn office in the morning to schedule an appt so I'm wondering what all they will do at my appt
thanks in advance for your answers!
BekahS responded:

From what I remember from my first pregnancy, my first visit was actually with a nurse. They get a urine sample and confirm the positive. Then she just talked to me about dos and donts. Then I scheduled a vaginal US and finally met with a docotor after that. Good Luck!
bbcntpa responded:
It's best to give your doctor's office a call and ask them because different doctors do it differently and sometimes it depends on your insurance carrier as well. I see you were planning to call them this morning, so hopefully they told you what you needed to know.

My first appt with this pregnancy was a little different than with my DS. This time they let me know up front that the 1st appt would be about 3 hrs long. I filled out paperwork, then had my first u/s, then provided a urine sample, then met with the head nurse and had a question/answer session and she gave me some info about different types of prenatal testing/screening and some other literature, then I met with the doctor and we had another Q/A session about my personal medical history and how this pregnancy is going, then I went to an exam room and he did a pap smear, then I went to another part of the office and did the bloodwork for labs, then I gave another urine sample, then I was finally done. Not all doctor's office have in-house ultrasound and lab capabilities, so sometimes that has to be scheduled for a different time and place. And then again, some insurance companies may not cover an early ultrasound. Just check with your doctor's office and they'll be glad to tell you.
Me (34), DH (38), DS(3), EDD 5/3/12 (but c-section end of April)
MrsHoro responded:
I had a conformation appointment with my regular doctor for my first appointment, just a urine HPT at the office she gave me my due date and because my BP was high she had me referred to my OB for an appointment asap.

When I went to the OB for the first time, filled out the paper work, weight/BP, vag U/S (visusly conformed), pap, and sent me for blood work and a 24hour urine protein analysis to be done before the next appointment. My appointment wasn't very long.

Note: If you have an Latex allergy make sure that they use a Latex free vag u/s cover.
DH, Roxxy(furbaby, 4), Abby(furbaby, almost 2), EDD 5/15/12

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