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Avent Bottles
BekahS posted:
I had the AAvent bottles for my first child (2007) and still have them all. Since then theres been this huge concern about BPA and all those unhealthy plastics. Does anyone know if it's safe to use the bottles I have and just buy new nipples? I'd love to since they are so expensive (crazy) but I obviously don't want to put my baby's health at risk. I loved my bottles and would hate to have to buy a gazillion dollars worth of them again.

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Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Rebekah, that's a very good question. I'd encourage you to trying calling their consumer help line, and ask the company whether or not their bottles in 2007 were BPA-free.

If they're not, and you explain the situation, perhaps they would offer you a coupon or discount on replacements?

Hope that helps,

hgreenwood7058 responded:
Byroney is right on contacting the consumer. Also check the bottom of the bottles (I think avent have them on there). They usually have a number like 7 or something like that. They may need that info when you call and ask them about it. If its available. I have noticed some don't though. Hope you get some good news because they are spendy. This is my first pregnancy that is sticking so I get to go through that fun now. so excited not. lol. I actually went to one of the grocery stores that were closing and got a hnadheld breast pump and reusable storage cups (that hook right onto the pump and you can add a nipple and use it as a bottle too. The pump was only like 8.50 and the cups were like 4.00 because everything was 50-70% off. And I figure for brand new why not. Best wishes
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