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First Trimester
An_240139 posted:
Just found out i was pregnant yesterday took three test all positive. but question is how do i settle my stomach like with the nausea and not being able to sleep any ideas?
MrsHoro responded:
Eating small meals often and drinking plenty of water will help keep nausea at bay.
I didn't have problems going to sleep. Mine was staying asleep and that went a way after a month. Now I sleep hard and often.
DH, Roxxy(furbaby, 4), Abby(furbaby, almost 2), EDD 5/15/12
BekahS responded:
I don't know about the not sleeping. I can't seem to keep my eyes open. I was reading my daughter a bedtime book last time and completely passed out! Haha. DF came in and woke me up.
Nausea is a tough one. If you can get food down, do it. You get more nauseated when your stomach is empty. Atleast I do. So if you can nibble through out the day that would be best. Small, bland things. Think crackers and pretzels. Before you go to bed, as your last "meal" for the day, eat something high in fiber that will take longer to digest. Then you're less likely to wake up on an empty stomach.

Hope this all helps. And congratulations!!

Me, Rebekah (24), Fiance Shane (25), our daughter Avery (4), EDD 06/29/2012 with baby 2!
BabyDems responded:
Congrats! I also have a hard time sleeping for the first few nights after finding out that I'm pregnant....just so many thoughts running through your head makes it hard. It will pass and you probably will want to sleep many days away! lol. As far as nausea goes...crackers and sprite seem to work for me. Good luck and try to relax!
-Me (31) DH Tim (32) DD Ella (1) EDD: 5/28/12
An_240139 replied to BabyDems's response:
I ate some crackers through the night it seemed to help it must of been a fast phase for me because now that is all i am doing is sleeping. But i have been getting cramps really mild cramps but it is only on my right side so i have no clue what that is. lol
MrsHoro replied to An_240139's response:
Mild cramps are ok. I had cramps on my right side, but I believe that I had an ovarian cyst. It took a week for mine to pop. But if it really hurts you need to go to the ER.
DH, Roxxy(furbaby, 4), Abby(furbaby, almost 2), EDD 5/15/12
An_240139 replied to MrsHoro's response:
ok it don't hurt bad at all just enough to annoy me lol i have been really cautious i get blood test back tomorrow then get my OBGYN apt scheduled
KatieW0915 replied to An_240139's response:
im having annoying cramps as well. i have took 2 at home pregnancy tests last week and they were both positive. im not experiencing many other symptoms tho. just mild cramping on one side or the other, tiredness, breast tenderness, and im thirsty all the time.

this is my first pregnancy, i moved to a new area about a year ago and I have not found an ob/gyn yet. I've never even had a GYN appt before, because my dad raised me through my teen years and he and my stepmom both assumed since i wasnt having sex then that I didnt need to go. For the sinus infection i got when i first moved here i just went to the urgent care center. Im so lost.

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