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Very New Too The Pregnancy Game
lovelyone180 posted:
Hi. My name is Tiffiny I am 26 years old and Monday I got the news that Im expecting my first child. Although I am thrilled I still don't know what to expect.My boyfriend and I have been together for six and a half years and he is very excited its just that im scared and I want to be a good mother to my baby. My expected due date is June 12, 2012 my boyfriend's birthday is June 15th what a big coincedence. I m not really sure what to do im hungry all the time, my hormones are raging and I cry now at the drop of a dime... but despite all of that Im very excited
mandynmickey414 responded:
what youe experiencing is perfectly normal your hormones are goign crazy inside of you and will til they even out after the babys born what to expect well all pregnancys are diffrent from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy some wemon experience neasua some dont some experience heartburn some dont some experience spotting some dont some have cramps and so on and on all i can tell you is to sleep when tired and to eat healthy some wemon get neasua and dont want to really eat that much if this is the case with you i recommend you eatign smaller meals more frequently and if you get cramps drink water it helps from what im told
MrsHoro responded:
A few day before my first OB appointment(not my confirmation) I was crying so hard because I was so scared that some was going to be wrong with the baby, that I was going to be a bad mother, and all that crazy stuff. I texted one of the only people who knew(a friend and mother of two) and asked her about my fears. She said its normal and having those feelings meant i was "going to be a good mom".

Eat small meals/snacks often that has a protein and carbs(cheese and crackers, peanut butter and an apple...). Fiber is your friend it will help you feel full longer and help prevent constipation.

Sleep is your friend (at lest it is mine) if I don't sleep I am more emotional mess. From 5w5d to 10w if I didn't take a nap(30m-2h) I would cry over something stupid. I'm 12w(13 on Monday) now and I don't need a nap unless I didn't sleep well at night.
DH, Roxxy(furbaby, 4), Abby(furbaby, almost 2), EDD 5/15/12
Christyle26 responded:
Hi Tiffiny, I know exactly how you feel. Im 26 and I'm expecting my first child too. My EDD is June 4th. Im excited and scared and I really dont know what to expect. I read alot of different articles and go to alot of websites. Im so happy I found this website, it is very helpful with any questions and concerns you may have.

I'm experiencing some of the same things as you, im hungry all the time too. I see a commercial and want whatever was on it lol ( sumtimes i jus want it, i dont go out and get it). If I have a craving, thats a different story lol. And I'm always always HOT. Omg!!

Lately I have been a crying wreck. I hate crying and I was never really a crier...but now, I cry over the dumbest things then after, I realize that it was dumb lol. I was told that crying is no good for the baby,( i dont believe it!! ) DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TRUE THIS IS???

But all in all Im very happy to be pregnant and so happy I found this website!!

Wishing you all happy healthy pregnancies!!!
cshyronia replied to Christyle26's response:
Stress isnt good for the baby but crying isnt bad. thats how i knew i was pg with my first couldnt stop crying. I couldnt even explain y i was crying nothing was wrong lol
kaylac18 responded:
Hi Tiffany!

I am having a lot of the same feelings as you. I'm 28 and expecting my first baby... EDD is 7/13/12, so all of this is very new to me. I took a test yesterday, and bam there it was. We knew that we wanted to start trying, but I had just went off BC 10/5, so it happened VERY fast. From what everyone had told me before I was settling down for the long haul. In my head it would take us AT LEAST a couple of months, so I was totally blown out of the water.

My emotions are all over the board. I am nervous and happy at the same time, and I am feeling guilty that I am scared. I don't have my first appt until 12/5, so that isn't helping settle my thoughts at the moment.

I wish you the best working through your emotions and the beginning of your journey If you ever need anyone to talk to, send me a message (can you do that on here?!).

jlbwondering35 responded:
lovelyone180...Congratulations!!!!!!!!! We just had our first 8 months ago and let me tell you...when that test came back positive we were so excited and totally freaked out all at the same time. We're older...late 30's and 40.

Eat frequent small meals throughout the day, get lots of sleep and just let your crazy emotions do what they're going to do. I cried SO much with the first, and I was irritated with everyone! LOL!

PP is right, drink lots of water, if you're getting cramps, you're not drinking enough fluids

Congratulations again! Enjoy every minute of the pregnancy, it goes too fast!

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