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hoping101 posted:
I had my first son August 22, 2010 and am expecting baby #2 around August 21, 2012!

Pregnancy has always been a tough road for me. I have had 2 miscarriages, 1 ectopic with a tube removed, and my beautiful boy who caused some scares ! I successfully had my son with the help of clomid and metformin however this time haven't used anything. I am hoping for the best that's for sure!!! My doctor explained that a womans body changes so much after giving birth that my problems may have all fixed themselves. I sure hope she is right!!! I didn't have classic PCOS just a little abnormal hormone level which I think is fine now. Currently I have some tingle in my breasts and a crampy belly which hopefully isn't a bad sign. Nothing I can't handle! This baby is certainly in everyone's prayers... so come on baby!!!
wmatto83 responded:
Congrats and Good luck!!! I have heard the same thing and my doctor told me the same thing...that after birth your body changes and you can sometimes get pregnant way easier than before.
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mommyin2011 responded:
I have to agree on the getting pregnant easier part...I was TTC for 5 yrs and did an IUI in Sept. 2010 and it failed. By some miracle, I got pg in Nov 2010 and had a beautiful and healthy baby boy on July 31, 2011! I am now preg. with # 2 due July 20th! This pregnancy was a complete surprise, but we are thrilled!! Baby # 2 is due only 11 days before my sons first birthday! crazy!!!! we are in for a wild ride:)
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