Placenta Previa
carolmich24 posted:
Yesterday was a scary day for me...started out my morning bleeding pretty heavy, bright red blood. Went straight to the doctor and then right on to an ultrasound...little peanut is ok...heart rate was 179 however, I've been diagnosed with Placenta Previa and that is why I started bleeding. Dr. didn't say if it was complete or partial...i hope to find that out at my next appt. Just curious if anyone else is dealing with this...not really sure what to expect. I know they say that the placenta can move out of the way as the uterus stretches out the further along you get so i'm hoping that is going to be the case with me. This is baby #3 for us and I've never had to deal with this before.
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Momobecca replied to carolmich24's response:
I haven't had this issue personally or anything but it def. makes a big difference on how severe it is. If it's partial then everything can change. If it's full then you'll probably end up on a lot of bed rest and hospital stays, possible earlier delivery. It's so early though that I would think you'd have a great chance of the placenta moving over. KUP on what your doc says and best of luck! Bleeding in any situation is nerve wracking so i wish you the best!
jordan24333 responded:
I had the same scare this week bleeding on Sunday, ultrasound indicated complete previa. I am 11 1/2 weeks right now. Dr. told me the same thing that as the pregnancy progresses the placenta can move out of the way. This is my 4th pregnancy and I've not had this before either. I have been advised to be on bed rest at least for the next two weeks. I am with you, I don't know what to expect either. It seems worst case scenario is an early C-section delivery and lots of bed rest during the pregnancy. It is scary, but not uncommon. I keep reminding myself that my Dr. has experienced this before and will know what to do when the time come. I wish the best for you and your baby.