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mid-day sickness
kellinkenton posted:
Hey guys- I dont have the usual morning sickness, but I get it about mid-day and its unbareable- I had to take trips to the bathroom, but not do anything...yet. I cant take time off from my job, Im badly needed there and was wondering if you guys had any tips? Yesterday was the first I have had it this bad ( was just little nausious before- but not unbarable) it lasted all through the night- Im better this morning, but didnt get much sleep at all. Any tips???
Zaysmama responded:
try salty crackerd like ritz or saltines... They helped with my first pregnancy. Try not to eat a big lunch but also don't let your stomach empty at any time during the day. Another tip would be to drink water or clear soda... sweet drinks like sweet tea and darker sodas can actually make it worse. For sleeping try to eat a light snack and drink some water before bed... It worked for me last time so hopefully it works for you as well
jenerahealy responded:
Crackers work good for me, or even cheerios. Try some 7up or Sprite. I have had better chances with Coca Cola mostly because it's so bubbly that it kind of kills the nausea. Orange juice helps me too oddly enough.
phoenixsong responded:
I drank lemonade with my first pregnancy to stave off nausea and kept mints on had at all times too. This time, I have no idea what to expect. But eating small meals/snacks ever 2-3 hours does help. Just keep something small with you at work to nibble on whenever you get a chance. That's what I did.
happymoe responded:
I'm the same way, I get nauseated about 4ish in the afternoon. I try to keep something in my tummy all the time, even crackers or a granola bar and it makes a huge difference. If I wake up to pee at 2 in the morning, even then I have to eat some crackers and drink some water, or I can't fall asleep again because I'm queasy. =( HTH

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