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Pregnant with a toddler...HELP!
phoenixsong posted:
I just found out that I am pregnant with my second child and I am so excited. Now I just have to figure out how on earth to get through a pregnancy with an active toddler. Any ideas?
jenerahealy responded:
Sleep when your toddler does. Take naps, go to bed early. That's what I had to do with my 2nd pregnancy and with this one because I am just so exhausted. I also kind of let my boys run amok right now, lol, as long as nothing is getting broke and no one starts bleeding.
kabergk responded:
Hi friend. I am 12 weeks pregnant and i have........ an 8 month old little boy, a 3yr old daughter, and a 2 year old son. im what they call fertile mertile:)
My tips on getting through pregnancy with young kids/babies/toddlers=
1/ ask for help. when you need help or a break, get it. ask for it. baby sitter or friend. find time to have a break
2/lots of sleep. i go to bed when my kids do--(try) and i nap when they do. no matter how large the mountain of laundry is
3/many many MANY will disagree with me. but i can not survive the day with out some kind of caffiene. only at your own discretion.
4/dont think your lazy if you turn on a movie for your little one and crash on the couch. i usually dont get going till after lunch time anyways:)
Good luck! when is your EDD??
Zaysmama replied to kabergk's response:
Thanks for the tip... I too am about 7wks preg with an almost 3 year old that goes non-stop.
I work 4days a week all 9 hour days so when I get home, I just want to crash but I know DS and DH both want to spend time with me. On the weekends, all I want to do is lay in bed because I'm so nauseous. DH has really stepped up and started doing the laundry and making sure dinner is ready when I get home, but wow I feel like a horrible wife and mom.
When DS lays down on the weekends I lay down but alot of the time I can't sleep and I feel guilty just laying around the house all day.
DH has been very understanding, but I know it is super hard on DS bc he has been an only child for almost 3years and for most of that time it was just he him and mommy(before DH came into the pic)...
Any tips on how to keep a toddler from getting jealous of baby when he/she comes?
kabergk replied to Zaysmama's response:
I have never had a problem with jealous toddlers. though i TOTALLY stressed and worried about it my whole last pregnancy. My 2 yr old son is kind of high maintenance and a total mommy's boy. he has done great with the addition of my 8 month old. the first few weeks he just ignored him. and now he LOVES having him around. you will be surprised at how your attention and love just grow with more than one child. i thought i would never be able to pay enough attention to my 2yr old to keep him happy... after the baby. .. but he has done amazing. (i also had to have surgery 5 weeks after my c section and was down and out for about 3 months ..)
vgriffin0912 responded:
I am also pregnant with my 2nd child, and have a 2 year old as well. I've found that we have been donig more 'rest' time, and that is really helping out. I am about 10 times more sick this time around, and it's really wearing me down. But I've got DD to at least lay down with me. She will color, play her tab, read, or do puzzles while we're laying down. (We no longer do naps anymore). That way I can relax and get some rest. She's been really open to it. I also work fulltime, so the exhaustion is getting at me. Definitely try and go to bed earlier. DH will stay up with DD and let me go to bed earlier than her, but then again, I get up 5 hours before they do too, for work.
ME (24), DH (31), DD (2), Peanut EDD 09/06/12
Number32012 responded:
Hey hun! I am 5 weeks pregnant with my third child and my second child is 16 months. He is all over the place all the time and only takes a nap in a dark quiet room. I also work 5 days a week at a school and when I get home I'm exhausted!! I just work it out. I'm a little cranky alot of the time, but I deal and so does he.
EDD 9/21/12
hoping101 responded:
If you figure it out... LET ME KNOW!!!

I have a 17 month old who is currently not sleeping through the night. I am EXHAUSTED! Luckily I have a good husband who is trying to help out a lot. NAP NAP NAP when your toddler does. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP when your toddler does at night! This is how I survive. I also nap in my car at lunch for a little boost before I go home to him in the evening!

Good luck!
hlvmom10 replied to hoping101's response:
I know this is bad..but im 5 weeks with my second and all i have to do at night is put ds 18 mo.. in my bed ( i know i know) and turn on CARS....I put the TV sleep mode on for 30 minutes..and when the TV turns off he knows it's time for night works for us. I know that 1. he should be in his own bed and 2. TV is not the best solution. But it gets him still and calms him down ...and we sleep all night long
jermanda23 responded:
My son is just over 2 and I'm 5 weeks with our second. I'm not sick yet but seeing how I was confined to bed and the bathroom with him the first trimester I'm planning on being just as sick this time. Right now I'm feeling okay but I don't have much energy. I feel guilty but I've been letting him watch a few more shows lately than I usually do. It really helps since he's still and I can relax for a little while. And we've been reading a lot more books together since we can both lay on the couch or my bed. He still takes naps, too, so when he naps I take a nap. The house isn't as clean as usual but I figure I'll be getting sick soon so I just want to relax a little for now.
Zaysmama replied to jermanda23's response:
So when the nausea makes us all just want to lay around and the house gets messy and the laundry piles up, and DH isnt home as much to do it all... how does everything get done?... I feel like when I'm home with DS, he is neglected, some nights he gets peanut butter and jelly for dinner instead of a whole meal because Im dizzy and totally nauseated. The laundry keeps multiplying and DH does a load or two when he's home and I'll sit in bed and fold them, but I feel like nothing is getting done. I can't sleep through the night without waking up feeling sick and I can't sleep during the day because DS has pretty much stopped taking naps. I feel so useless at home and I'm tired of just laying around, but I feel like total crap!!! if i eat it makes me feel sick, if i dont eat i feel sick, like theres no winning... just ready for the first trimester to be over... 4 more weeks of this... BLAHH!!!
amg0926 responded:
I too am pregnant with my 2nd and have a 2 yr old. I only work one day a week but my DH is over seas and it leaves me to do everything. I am SOOO exhausted and nauseated ALL the time. My DD is great with watching movies lately and we try and play but she always wants mommy to come here and play with me and it gets soooo overwhelming! Good luck and if u have any secrets, let me know. LOL.

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