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kmaloy posted:
It's early I know, but my Dh and I are already looking at names for our baby (sex unknown). We have a couple options and looking for some input. The options are:
Boy-Liam Gunnar or Andrew Creed
Girl- Roan Elizabeth or Shayla Mae

I will not take offense to anyone's opinions. Just would like some honest feedback. After all, a person is pretty much stuck with the name given to them.
militarychick responded:
Hey hun, its not to early ive had my names picked out for a really long time. I like the girl names you picked out its defintely different and i like ur section option for the boy name.
Zaysmama replied to militarychick's response:
its def not to early to have names... DH and I picked out our names as soon as we started ttc... I personally like Liam and Roan... they are adorable!
Best of luck through your pregnancy!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Definitely not too early. As soon as I found I was pregnant with both my kids, we figured out names.

I like both Liam and Andrew. One of my cousins' sons is named Liam. As for the girl's name, personally I like Shayla Mae better.
mwhite80 responded:
My kids first names were already picked out before they were born their middle names were decided later on, I know alot of people that planned way in advance. As for your names I like the boys names both of them. I love shayla , my friend named her daughter that. Roan, is that pronounced like Rowan or like joan with a R. Just curious, very original not my favorite but its your child
Madeline(31)DH(30)-DS Paul(4), DD Isabella (11 months), HPT 1/07/12
Number32012 responded:
Not too early at all dear. I have names for our prospective lil one too. lol I love Liam Gunnar..very strong scandinavian name.
EDD 9/21/12
Zaysmama replied to Number32012's response:
So are all of these names that you and DH have decided on but can't chose between or are these the name you like?
DH and I took several discussions to decide on the names!
hlvmom10 responded:
Not weird. I love Liam. My son's name is Hausten Liam...
This time were thinking...

Henry for a boy..
Bentlee for a girl..

I really love Blair...but DH said it reminds him of the Blair Witch Proj.


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