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Due Dates
Zaysmama posted:
Hey ladies everyone on the first tri board should be due within like 3 months of each other... So when is your EDD?

My name is Heathir
Im currently 8wks 0days (based on last AF)
I am due on 9/11/12
mwhite80 responded:
According to my last period I should be due 9/03/2012. I go in for my blood test on 2/01 so I should get a more accurate due date soon.
Madeline(31)DH(30)-DS Paul(4), DD Isabella (11 months), HPT 1/07/12
Number32012 responded:
According to my lmp my edd is 9/21/12 which makes me about 6wks 4days.
EDD 9/21/12
hoping101 responded:
My name is Melinda
I am currently 9 weeks 1 day based off ultrasound
My estimated due date is 9/2/12
begginforbaby responded:
My name is Lindsay
I am 5weeks based on LMP and my EDD is 10/03/2012!
capriciousangel31 responded:
I am due August 17th
Zaysmama replied to capriciousangel31's response:
wow we have some from august september and october so far on here...
Havent seen anyone with identical dates tho!
amg0926 responded:
by LMP I am due 9-12, I go today for my bloodwork.. hopefully find out more today!
sarahann1978 responded:
My name is Sarah, I am about to hop up to the 2nd tri board as I am 12 wk 3 days, but I am due August 12!
Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
Naami responded:
Hi girls... edd 10/6 but I'll get a better estimate next week. This my second. My first was born this past August and is 5 months old now
heartversushead responded:
I will be 10wks tomorrow with my first. I'm due 29-Aug-12 and am looking forward to the next ultrasound to see how much my little one has grown since the 7wks sonogram!
BridgetBurke responded:
Hello everyone.

My name is Bridget. I am currently 5wks 5days with baby #2. According to my LMP I am due 9-27-12. My first dr appt and u/s is Feb. 14th. I am very excited, but also extremely nervous because we had a m/c in Sept. Hoping to put my fears to rest when we see our little peanut on Valentines Day. Green team!

Question for all of you who replied so far: Do you want to find out what you are having? (Green team = find out Yellow team = surprise Purple team = Not sure yet)

Good luck and a H&H 9 months to all!
ourbaby81612 responded:
Capriciousangel31 and I are close. I'm due 8/16/12 with baby #2. I've had multiple u/s thus far and they've given me anywhere from 8/13 to 8/17. MD said u/s is only accurate to within a week and the further along you get the less accurate they are. I'm going by my own calculations regarding conception and that mades me due 8/16/12. It would be awesome to deliver on my due date as it's also my birthday...though I realize the chances of that are small.
mtg09 responded:
I'm Misty. Pregnent with baby #2.
I'm due Sept.7 ( as of last AF).
Ultrasound on Feb.22 to confirm it.
sw2005 responded:
Hi, I'm Myra & my DD is Oct. 6th. This is my first child

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