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No heartbeat at 11 weeks
Klptran posted:
I went for a check-up today and my obgyn could not detect a heartbeat via external and internal ultrasound. She sent me to another place for a 2nd opinion and they too reported back that they could not detect a heartbeat. My doctor wants to schedule me for a d&c right away. After reading around on forums, I read that some people had similar cases where they could not detect a heartbeat at first, but came back later and a heartbeat was found. I want to be hopeful but realistic at the same time. Have I truly miscarried? Should I wait another 2 or 3 weeks for another ultrasound? Also, I have been spotting that last 2 days but thats due to i/c, and I read that its normal to spot after i/c. Please advise. I am very worried! This would be my 2nd child.
sumis responded:
how much the baby measure in U/S usually it start around 6 weeks .Do you have a irregular Periods cycle ?

Good luck .Lot of sticky baby dust on you
ourbaby81612 replied to sumis's response:
If you are certain that you should be 11 weeks along then unfortanetly I don't think this is a good sign. If your date of conception/ovulation is unsure then holding out a couple weeks seems reasonable. I will hope and pray that is the case for you. ((hugs))

I had a similar experience regarding no fetal heartbeat with my first m/c. I was about 7 weeks along and they were unable to detect a heartbeat at my viability u/s appt. The gestational sac looked fine as did the yolk sac at that time and they moved my due date back a bit and said come back next week. I knew when I conceived as I'd been on infertility treatments but was holding out all hope. Then the following week the baby actually looked smaller to me on the u/s and there still wasn't a heartbeat. My MD said that if there wasn't a heartbeat at that point there wouldn't be one and that I could either wait it out a couple-three weeks for my body to figure out the baby wasn't developing or I could undergo a D&C that afternoon. My husband and I decided on the D&C. I found out years later (actually just this year after 2 more m/c's that the gestational sac was actually measuring small and the yolk sac large at that time). They told me I'd likely miscarried from chromosomal abnormalities but no one explained the scientific reasons behind that assumption to me. I'm an intelligent person and a nurse myself and frankly I was a bit pissed this year (almost 6 years later) when my MD told me all of this. though I cannot testify to the fact that knowing the scientific evidence behind my m/c might have made it any easier at that time, I think my head could have done a better job of explaining what had happened to my heart at the time. I still think I'd have grieved but I wouldn't have gone through the self-blame game had I known that there was actual evidence, scientific evidence that there was something wrong with the baby and they weren't just trying to "pacify me" by saying the baby likely had chromosomal abnormalities that "nature was just taking care of". I share this story only because it was so eye opening for me and I know several women out there are unfortunately faced with m/c and loss and maybe it will help someone else too.
Klptran responded:
I knew when I conceived because I was tracking my lmp. I was at 11 weeks and the doctor said the baby stopped developing at 8 weeks. I don't know if I should just wait out and continue to be hopeful or admit that I miscarried. My husband and I still want to wait it out hoping that a heartbeat will be detected given another two or three weeks, but my doctor is encouraging me to do the d&c to avoid infection.
ourbaby81612 replied to Klptran's response:
If you would feel better waiting it out, then do that. There is always a risk for infection post D&C too. So don't let them play that card with you. I developed a horrible intrauterine infection after mine and spent 3 days in the hospital because of it. You have to do what you feel is right and if waiting another week or so is right for you then do it. However, I'd clarify with your MD whether or not they'll do another u/s. Since you've had two by two different MDs and they both reported the same results they may not deem another one reasonable...which I'd imagine can impact coverage by your insurance.

Waiting it out may just give your body enough time to catch up if you have indeed miscarried. The MD told me that it takes the body 2-3 weeks to realize that the pregnancy isn't progressing and for the HCG & progesterone levels to drop enough to exhibit outward signs of m/c.

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. My heart goes out to you. ((hugs))
hlvmom10 responded:
I would say.. if you want to wait.. then wait. don't let them pressure you into a D&C.. I m/c on my own..i personally thought it was a better way to heal..since I had to go through the motions on my own. It took my body 6 days. from start to finish, it was hard..but I am glad I was given the option.

Best of luck to you..

Klptran responded:
Five days later, my flow is getting little heavier, like it's a regular period. I am beginning to feel some minor cramping. Even though deep down I want to wait it out, I feel like I should just accept it. Thanks for everyone's input.
mwhite80 replied to Klptran's response:
Sorry for your loss **hugs**
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