An_244015 posted:

i am pregnant and today i got loos motion and little bleeding ,

can any one give why its happens ..i am worried about this
light76 responded:
Call your doctor. He/She will call you in immediately or in the next few days to check you out. I do not know about the loose motion by the bleeding seems to be common in first trimester.

Keep us informed.

Good luck
RobynMia responded:
I agree with light76. Sometimes light spotting can mean nothing (and it often does) however, it is something you the doctor will look into. Typically if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as cramping you will get an ultrasound, culture test or blood test to see if you have an infection or other complications.
Gloria454 responded:
Hi, light bleeding on early period of pregnancy may happen but of course it's better to consult you dr, to prevent some unpleasant consequences, be healthy!