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hcg levels
terismith posted:
on march 8 hcg level 84 at 3pm and march10 at 10 am hcg level 157.2 how do those levels sound to anyone..I am 42 years old
beegirl224 responded:
It really depends on how far along you are, but here is a chart for you. I stole from somewhere a long time ago and had it on my computer. I hope this helps.

Weeks of pregnancy
after last menstrual periodApproximate hCG levels
for single baby pregnancy (mIU/ml) Week 3 0 to 5 Week 4 5 to 430 Week 5 180 to 7400 Week 6 1,100 to 56,500 Weeks 7 to 8 7,600 to 230,000 Weeks 9 to 12 25,300 to 290,000 Weeks 13 to 16 14,000 to 243,000 Weeks 17 to 24 4,000 to 165,000 Weeks 25 to birth of baby 3,200 to 90,000
light76 responded:
HCG numbers ranges is so wide that what matters is that your HCG numbers are doubling every 48 hours in early pregnancy. It seems to me that yours are which is good news.

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

terismith replied to beegirl224's response:
my last menstrual period was feb 4 2012
terismith replied to light76's response:
thank you...we are very nervous we had 5 week mc in 2012....we are on edge...doc started progesterone and baby asa
light76 replied to terismith's response:
I completely understand your nervousness. I had 2 early m/cs last year too. Is your doctor going to do another HCG test too? What is the next process for you?

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