Newly Pregnant
snpuff posted:
So... I found out 5 days ago that I'm pregnant. My husband wants us to wait until Mother's Day to tell our parents. The waiting is killing me!!! Do you really need to wait to tell your parents? I know the more people you tell the harder it is if something goes wrong but my mother will know it all anyway.

Anyone else read all the things that could go wrong in the early stages of pregnancy? I'm trying really hard to not read them but if I'm honest every time I go to the bathroom, I look for blood on the toliet paper. Is this normal?

I'm over 5 weeks now and I'm super excited but still super terrified something might go wrong (it's my first baby and we've been trying for 1.5 years). Just wanted to start some conversations about my questions/feelings.
hopingforbaby2011 responded:
I went through two tubal pregnancies in the past year so I am on high alert pretty much. I too check for blood every time but so far nothing so I am happy. With my two tubals, I started bleeding pretty much as soon as I am pregnant. I am due 12/30/2012 and I go in for my first U/S on May 9th and I am overly anxious and excited for it.. I am cautiously hopeful but really that's all we can ever be.. As far as telling family, I told everyone right away. I look at it like I am a very emotional person so its not like people are gonna walk up to you and be mean about you losing a baby.. they're going to offer their condolences. So I kinda look at it as having more of a support system but its a personal choice.. I wish you the best of luck this pregnancy..
snpuff replied to hopingforbaby2011's response:
Well I haven't had any blood yet, so hopefully that's a good sign! I am due 12/29/2012... so we are very close together. My first US is May 11th. Let me know how your US goes!!
hopingforbaby2011 replied to snpuff's response:
I will for sure.. That day cannot come soon enough lol
LynnB320 responded:
Someone told me that you should only tell the people that you would tell if you lost the baby. We told our parents right away because we figured if something went wrong we would go to them for support anyway.

I was really worried in the beginning too but I just had to tell myself that whatever is meant to be will be. Don't let the fear take away the excitement of being newly pregnant! Enjoy it!
thebirdisblue87 replied to LynnB320's response:
First on all congratulations. I would suggest only telling people you are close to. I had a m/c in January and I had told everyone at work and it was hard because weeks later people that didn't know I had lost the baby came up to me asking how the baby was doing. That is hard because it just keeps bringing it up. I would say tell your parents and maybe a few close friends.
As for looking for blood I am now 12 weeks and still about half the time. This is very normal because you are worried. Try to relax and not stress too much and enjoy this time.
snpuff replied to thebirdisblue87's response:
Thanks for the advice. I have more labs tomorrow... I'm hoping my levels go up a lot. They say the higher your HCG goes in the beginning the less of the chance of issues. I also have my first US next Friday (11th) where I'll be almost 7 weeks and we should be able to hear the heartbeat. I've also read that this is a really good sign and the chance of issues after this point greatly decreases. I think the hardest part right now is we haven't told our families. My husband really wants us to give our mothers the US pics for their mother's day presents (which is pretty cool). So right now, we have only told 2 close friends. While I'm OK with my family knowing (as people have said they will know about any miscarriages because they are my family) I know my husband wants the big suprise on the special day. After I tell my parents/siblings, I'm sure it'll make me a whole lot less anxious. For now, I'm trying to keep my self busy and not spend too much time reading about things that could go wrong!
snpuff replied to LynnB320's response:
I'm trying to have that mentality... what will happen is going to happen. I don't smoke, drink, don't have a ton of stress, I workout, eat well (I am overweight though) so overall I think if something does go wrong, it won't be anything I did. I have more tests tomorrow... hoping the levels go up like they should, which will help me relax!
mommyin2011 responded:
lurking from 3rd almost 29 wks and i still check for blood everytime i use the restroom...i have never lost a baby but its always a fear of mine (and for me, the fear isnt over till the baby is in my arms). this is my 2nd preg. and i told my parents and hubby the day i found out (11/17/11). i told the rest of the fam on thanksgiving day with my first, i also told them the day i found out (that was thanksgiving morning) - as u can tell, my babies are only going to be 11 months / 11days apart!!!
good luck to you!!!
i think telling your parents on mothers day is a great idea!! and a good gift
Me (29) DH (27) 4 fur babies - DS born on 7/31/11 - Baby 2 due on 7/20/12! 2nd baby due only 11 days before my sons 1st b-day...It's going to be a wild ride!
3lovingkids replied to mommyin2011's response:
I too look for blood everytime I go to the restroom. I have had 2 M/C so it is always a fear. This time we only told our parents just because we get the comments about it being #4 I already have 2 boys and a girl. Each time I have had the M/C some of our family says well it was gods will maybe because you all ready have 3. But I think why would he let me get pregnant if it was his will to lose it they way they put it.( as 1 to many.) any way I hope all goes GREAT and we all have a HAPPY 9 months.
snpuff replied to mommyin2011's response:
You're kids are going to be really close together. If I could have it my way, my kids will be less than 18 months apart. I'm already 33 and I would like 3 kids if possible. We will see how that plan goes.

I am glad to know that checking for blood is a common thing during pregnancy. I go in today for some labs, so I'm hoping the levels go way up which will let me relax a little bit. We are actually getting our first US on May 11th, so hopefully we can give them a picture of that. I guarantee it'll be a mothers day they never forget. Keep me updated how this pregnancy is going!
mommyin2011 replied to snpuff's response:

after I had my son, I wanted to try and get prego again that December 2011 (got preg in Oct instead). I always wanted my children close in age. my sister and I are 15 months apart and never fought. my nieces' are 3 1/2 yrs apart and fight all the time. so, I am happy they are close in age, if I could change anything, it would be that they were born in different months LOL. but that's ok. we will have 1 party with 2 themes works for me.

good luck on your pregnancy. and let us know how it went with telling your parents.

I know this is your first pregnancy, just relax and try not to read so much about what can/might go wrong. trust me, you will be worried the whole time. just relax and enjoy this wonderful experience! being a mother is amazing!! oh, and make sure to bring some tissues with you. I was ttc for a go 4 yrs. I had an IUI done and failed and thought I'd never have a baby. when I finally did get pregnant and saw my baby for the first time on the u/s, I was beside myself. I remember saying 'oh my God' and the nurse got scared...but it was just so amazing seeing this little baby moving on the u/s screen and knowing that, that's YOUR baby! its just bring tears to my eyes.

pregnancy is not always fun, you may actually hate it. it defiantly has its ups and downs. but its well worth it in the end!
and when you feel you baby kick for the first time...ahh, its the best!!!

best of luck to you!!!!

(sorry for it being so long)
Me (29) DH (27) 4 fur babies - DS born on 7/31/11 - Baby 2 due on 7/20/12! 2nd baby due only 11 days before my sons 1st b-day...It's going to be a wild ride!
snpuff replied to mommyin2011's response:
Thank you for all the advice. Having a family is my biggest goal from life, so I am so excited. I've decided to try and stay off the internet. I'm going to go by what the doctor tells me and read the books they recommended.

Thanks for the tip on the US. I'm so happy it's only 8 days away now. I went in yesterday and my levels went from 750 to 7,049 in 5 days (doubled over 3.5 times), which is really good. That definitely helped to calm me down and to confirm my baby is growing well.

I haven't had morning sickness yet, but I do feel like I'm getting sick today... so it hasn't been too bad yet. I'll update you on the telling the parents!