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Cowgirl6598 posted:
So I just found out Sunday I am pregnant. Currently 5 weeks 5 days. I called my Midwifes Office to schedule my first appointment, and they said they usually wait until 10 weeks? Is that normal? Also, How often do you have doctors appointments? Monthly? This is my first time, so i'm a little overwhelmed! Any advice would be great
thebirdisblue87 responded:
Congrats on your pregnancy. I was worried about this when I went to make my first appointment. My doctor waits until 12 weeks. I believe a lot of doctors do this because there is nothing they can do to prevent a m/c.
I actually went to my appointment last Wednesday and I am happy I waited because he did an u/s and we heard the heartbeat. The baby was big enough for us to see all of its limbs and it was moving all over the place.
I know the waiting stinks but just hang in there and if you feel anything is wrong just call and let them know and I would think they would see you at that point.
Good luck!!! That is so exciting.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
In the beginning, you'll have appointments monthly. As you get closer to your due date, they will be every two weeks and then every week.

And waiting until 10 weeks is common from what I hear. Most miscarriages occur during the first trimester and there usually isn't anything that can be done to prevent it. I had my first appointments at 6w but that's because as an "older mother," I was considered high risk.
Taylove11 responded:

Waiting until 10 weeks is completely normal. Some doctors like to see women earlier to make sure that the pregnancy isn't ectopic, but that just depends on the location. Like the PP said, you should have a monthly check up until the last trimester and then they may like to see you every 2 weeks. The last month of my first pregnancy, my doc wanted to see me every week.

You should have bloodwork testing (if you choose to do so) done around 12 weeks and 20 weeks, and at least one ultrasound at 20 weeks. I hope this helps! Take care and happy & healthy 9 months!
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Cowgirl6598 replied to Taylove11's response:
Thanks for the info! Also I was curious on ultra sounds... When I called to make my appointment I asked about it and they said insurance usually only pays for one so I probably wouldn't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks... Is that normal? It seems like everyone I know that is pregnant has had an ultrasound before 12 weeks along with one at 20 weeks. If insurance only pays for one, how much does a second one cost? I'd like to have one before 12 weeks just as a comfort for me (and to ensure there's just one baby in there lol) Also I haven't told anyone yet. we are waiting to tell family until after 12 weeks and I was hoping I'd have an ultrasound pic then... What's normal? Advice?
Taylove11 replied to Cowgirl6598's response:
Hi there,

When I was at my first appointment with the doc this time. Should told me should would like to do an ultrasound at 12 weeks and again at 20 weeks. She did warn me that if my insurance wouldn't cover the costs of both (she said that was very common), that the bloodwork and ultrasound combined would be about $500-600 out of pocket. She said that the ultrasound itself was $175 and the bloodwork was $325-$400.

She did assure me that if we weren't able to do the one at 12 weeks, they would still do all of the same testing at 20 weeks. You could always call and ask if you could pay to just have the ultrasound done. I hope this helps!
Me(24), DH(31), DD (1-1/2), 2 fur babies. 2 on the way! EDD 12/7/2012. HR 104 BPM 4/5.
thebirdisblue87 replied to Cowgirl6598's response:
I am not sure what is normal but I am with you I wanted an u/s too. I was not sure if my doctor was going to do one at my first appointment but he did. The thing with my doctor is he did it but did not charge for it.
He had told me he likes to do one for the first appointment but he does not bill for it. Of course I'm sure there are few doctors or midwifes that would do that. If you are really worried I would see how much it would be for you to pay for it.
I am not sure where you live but there is a place near me that does ultrasounds just for fun and charges for packages. I don't know how many places in the U.S actually do this but you try to google it.
Also remember you will most likely hear your little ones heartbeat so that can take a lot of worry off you. Good luck!!!
Cowgirl6598 replied to thebirdisblue87's response:
I know my sis-in-law had an ultra sound before 12 weeks because when she announced she was pregnant she had u/s pics, then had another at 18 and 20 weeks. She works at the hospital, so I don't know if that makes a difference lol. I do plan on going to the same doctor, but since I'm from a very small town and we are not telling anyone about it until 13 weeks, I am going to my other doctor in a bigger city about an hour away until after 13 weeks then i'll switch doctors. Not sure if that's good or not.... but there are no secrets in a small town and the second I walk into that hospital for a pregnancy appointment more people will know than I want.
kpotvin responded:
Same for me. I dont go in for my first appointment until June 15. Then monthly from there until it's closer to delivery then weekly. Have you been there already? I asked for a tour and "meet and greet" before I was pregnant to be sure that's where I wanted to have the baby. This is our first baby too
Cowgirl6598 replied to kpotvin's response:
My first appointment is May 31st, which puts me at 8 weeks. I've been there before and my sis-in-law is an RN there. I live in a way small town so it is really the only option unless i drive an hour and a half. With the winters we have and me being due in January, driving that far is not something I really want to do lol.
orin34 replied to Cowgirl6598's response:
:lurking:It depends on insurance of course, but also the circumstances. If your dr writes a letter and says it is "medically necessary" then the insurance company would comply. I had my first at 8 weeks and then I had appointments every two weeks (with ultrasounds) until I was halfway..... we changed to one month visits, and then I went back to the two week thing because it was closer to my due date.