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When did i concieve?
An_245715 posted:
Hi everyone.

Im having a bit of trouble figuring out whether i concieved in april or in may during my ovulation period. I get my period every 30th of the month, in april i got my period but just now may the 30th i missed it. I took a urine pregnancy test (hpt in other words) on the 31st of may, it came out positive. I took 2 more to be sure on the first and they came out positive as well. Heres the issue, my friend says if i was only 2 weeks pregnant (not counting the 2 weeks that you really arent pregnant) ( i most likely concieved on the 14th and for the 30th to come it would be 2 weeks ) she said its too early for a urine hpt to show positive. Only issue is i got my period in april as normal. I'm 19 and this is the first time ive ever been pregnant. Will my doctor be able to tell me what month it is i concieved in or does anyone out there think theyve made sense of all of this? im so confused and id REALLY appreciate the help my friend is driving me crazy. Thank You
BridgetBurke responded:
When the drs calculate pregnancy they go by the date of your LMP (last period basically), not your ovulation date. So, in that regard you are about 4 wks 3 days, even though actual baby's age is 2 weeks 3 days because using LMP you are preggers for 2 weeks before you even ovulate. If you skipped a period and took an HPT and it is positive, Congrats! You are pregnant. Your dr will do a urine and possibly even a blood test to confirm. They usually will not schedule an u/s until after 6 weeks so that they can hear the heart beat. By my calculations you should be due around Feb 6, 2013. Congrats again. (BTW, my son was born on Feb 5th. Great time for a baby!) Have a happy & healthy 9 months.
jamie_331 replied to BridgetBurke's response:
Thank you for your response. Im a little curious to know though if at my 6 week period first ultrasound they will be able to let me know what month i concieved in and not just base it on my period because ive heard of women being pregnant and on their periods. The 6 week ultrasound includes the 2 weeks of not pregnant right? (so itd be 4 weeks not 6 but medically, doctors would see it as 6) ?

I'm sorry i just have so many questions because im new to all of this.
angel52910 replied to jamie_331's response:
They would be able to tell you what month based on how big the embryo is on ultrasound. They can tell pretty sure from whether its 6 or 10 weeks. I too am in a similar boat. First pregnancy although I didn't do a home test. Period was about a week late so went to the doc and they did the test and I was sure it would be negative but it was positive. I'm due Jan 27th
jamie_331 replied to angel52910's response:
they said im 5 weeks gestational age (yesterday) and the baby was 2.49 mm big. all the charts online are making me mad bbecause some say 2.5 mm is 5 weeks others say 5.5 weeks aand others say its 6. Those few days before and after really matter to me and they make all of the difference.
donnasamommie replied to jamie_331's response:
Every chart is different because every baby is different and every uterus is different lol Let your doc tell you.

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