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An_245944 posted:
[TRIGGER] I need some help. I just found out that I was pregnant a week ago and the father who I now can not stand is forcing me to have an abortion. I trusted him and he just admitted to me that he was in love with someone else. Well, I didn't think things through and I drunk some pennyroyal herbal tea. I bought it from the herb store in the leaf form. I thought having a miscarriage would help the situation because I refuse to pay for an abortion and he is screaming that he doesn't have the money to pay for one either. After the herbal tea didn't do anything, I went and bought some blue cohosh and put 40 drops in water and drank it as well as rubbed some pennyroyal oil mixed with almond oil on my belly. After really thinking things through I want to do what is best for me and my baby. I want to give my baby a life because he/she is obviously a blessing. I haven't been able to get pregnant in over a year (tried with ex-finance') and now for me to be pregnant it has to be God sent. My only issue now is that I'm scared that I may have caused some damage to the baby (fetus). Can someone give me more information on what they may know. I did go to my first OB appointment and at first she thought I was pregnany with an ectopic and sent me to the ER. The ultrasound came back that the sack is in the right place but no heartbeat and my HCG level as of Tuesday was at 12,000. I have to go back this evening for them to draw more blood and check my levels. Please, any information will be helpful. What I did was stupid and irresponsible and now I'm more worried and stressed than anything. I have thrown out the blue cohosh and when I get home I'll be throwing out the other herbs. I can't stand the smell of the pennyroyal and I have been having to sleep with a towel on my face.

Thanks in advance...

Confused and Stupid
mendezwife responded:
Well hopefully everything is ok with you & your baby, is there anyone you can talk to? You seem like your out of sorts, which I dont blame you. Never let another person push you into a decision about your body & your unborn child. God puts things in our life for a reason & a purpose. Trust in him & get him in your life, if not already. As far as the father goes, just forget that & focus on your health & this new baby, this baby needs you safe & healthy.
I am sorry for your situation & pray for you, seek love & support from people who truely care for you.
And please, do not harm yourself or your baby. Good luck
donnasamommie responded:
I agree with the previous poster. How far along are you? When was your last period?

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