Update on Confused and upset
hmrm1020 posted:
Hello about 2 weeks ago I posted a discussion about going to the dr and he telling me that there is a great possibility that this pregnancy wasn't going to carry to term. I had HCG and progesterone levels checked and the HCG was more than doubling but the progesterone levels weren't even on the charts. So the dr basically told me that at that point it wasn't going to happen, but he still had me come into the office for follow up appointments and more u/s...well he came in the office last week for my appointment and asked how I was feeling and if there were any spotting and/or cramping and when I told him no he kinda looked and me funny and said well let's see what is going on here. Much to his surprise there on the screen was a heartbeat, it was low but there was a heartbeat going at about 117 bpm...once I saw that all my fears just seemed to disappear, but he said the heartbeat was low and he wanted to see me back in a week to see what was going to happen...well this past Monday I went in for my appointment and the current heartbeat is 154 bpm and he is happy and I am estatic to say the least, however before I leave he hits me with I want to see you back in 2 weeks to do another u/s well this has me really concerned now that something else may be wrong, even though he told me that everything looks great. My new due date is 2-1-2013!

Do you think I should be concerned or just let it slide that he just wants to check in one more time?
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
It sounds like you have a doctor who is on top of things and keeping a close eye. If you trust him, this should be good news!

Worry and concern isn't good for you or the baby so if you can, try to relax and focus on the positive.

Best of luck!