Can you get too many vitamins
Anon_46 posted:
I eat a very healthy diet with lots of beans, leafy greens and other foods high in folic acid, vitamin A & C and protein. I am worried that the prenatal vitamins could give me too much of any of these nutrients. For example, I added up my folic acid intake from food yesterday and it came to over 500 mcg. The pill has 800 in it. My iron intake was at about 22 and the vitamin gives me 29. I've heard that it's bad to take too much folic acid, vitamin and and iron.

I'll ask my doctor when I see her next week, but I'm trying to decide if should limit my intake of the vitamin pills until then.

Let me know if you have any advice.
mendezwife responded:
You can not get too much when pregnant. Your body & baby will take what it needs from you & the rest will be discarded. Do not stop taking your vitamin! It sounds like you are eating very well & you are very concerned with what you eat. But dont stress yourself out, which it sounds like you are counting everything you eat. Just eat normal & remember you only need an extra 300 calories when prego.
So relax, take your vitamin & just enjoy your pregnancy & stop counting everything you put in your mouth. Your baby will take from you what it needs to be healthy & grow properly.