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Hoping someone can help me figure this out
Anon_24189 posted:
I wonder if I am pregnant, Most would say no right away because I bleed for 4 days early but I had children over 10 years ago and had my period for the first few months with 2 of them with negative urine tests. So here it goes, I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, with no luck. My breasts normally get really sore when I ovulate but stop hurting once my period starts. This month my period came 4 days early and was extremely light in comparison to the past ones. My breasts still hurt and I have been getting slightly dizzy periodically. I have taken hpt's but no surprise, they were negative. On the morning my period started I had really strong cramps (for about 20 minutes) I never get cramps, and then I had discomfort (not really pain) in my pelvic area. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for next Tuesday but I would love feedback here, has anyone here had that same issue?

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