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Pregnant or something very wrong?
An_247181 posted:
I document everything in my pinkpadapp
in May I had sex on my most fertile day, the 26th. In june I spotted for 3 days 6th-8th then had a normal period from the 9th-12. I usually only have a 4 days period, starts out light then gets a little bit heavier. I usually have some clotting. Then the 18th-19th I spotted again. In July I had a abnormally heavy period had giant clots and was painful. Started out super heavy from the 10th-13 then spotted 14th-15th. Then had another normal period 3-4 days later from the 19th-22. Had sex again on my most fertile day the 28th.
Now here we are in August I had an abnormally light period. The first two days were spotting 9th-10th the next two days were light bleeding 11th-12th. Now today is the 15th and I see barely any but, little brown discharge in my underwear. My boobs are a little sensitive, I've been peeing alot, I'm very emotional, I feel a little stretching feeling in the left side of my uterus, my nipples are a little tingly and staying hard a lot. I haven't really felt nauseous to the point I'm going to throw up but I get a little nauseous when I don't eat but I can barely eat. But when I do eat I still get nauseous afterwards.

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Can someone help me ?? I need to know what could be going on with these symptoms. Pregnancy test? Or just make an apt with the dr. to see if something else is going on?!?! HELP!!
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An_242764 responded:
This is the wrong board for this question. You should try the Could I be Pregnant board.

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