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Feeling of twins....
Suprgrl333 posted:
Hello, I am currently 10wks with my 3rd child (2nd child loss shortly after birth - Vein of Galen Malformation) and both happy and nervous all at the same time.
Being that this is my third pregnancy I had a good guess of what was to come, but this pregnancy is proving to be unlike my previous two in EVERY way. I have a constant feeling of fullness, the nausea is not consistent but when it comes on it's stronger than either pregnancy (which I had nausea the entire time), I have had non-stop heartburn since finding out I was pregnant, I am still very tired and even at 10 weeks, I am feeling lots of movement (though not in the area where the U/S tech said the baby implanted and my tummy/tush are ALL out of whack (more than I have ever had before)
So, I say all that to say this, we were actively ttc again after our loss. Our first child, a Son was a clomid baby, our Daughter was a happy surprise pregnancy 6 months later (no meds) and this baby is also a clomid baby. I am pretty good with charting and temping, so my positive chart looked like I was going to get my BFP, but alas 3 negative tests 10dpo, 12dpo and 14dpo. I couldn't shake the feeling I was pregnant but made up my mind not to test again until I couldn't wait any longer (I tested at 21dpo and got my positive)
I went in for my confirmation appt and ultrasound, confirmed I was just shy of 8 wks. Saw the baby's sac and heard the heartbeat. After we left, my husband and I were studying the U/S and noticed a second sac above the baby that appeared to be empty. We joked about it being a developing twin, but thought nothing more about it.
I am due for my next U/S at almost 12wks and keep thinking that I am going to find out there are two. I keep having dreams of twins and several people (including DH) have made mention of twins.
Just to give you a little family history - My family - My great grandmother (mom's side) had twin sisters. My grandmother had 5 children, 2g/3b - out of them she had 9 grandchildren, My Aunt's daughter (my cousin) has 4 year old twin boys (her 3rd pregnancy) and my Uncle's daughter had twin boys (infant loss at 4 months- also her 3rd pregnancy). 3 is my number for everything -bday 3/3, and SO much more so maybe it's just the hype. My husband's family- his Mom is a twin, her twin sister has twin granchildren, his Mom had twin Aunts and her Uncle has twin daughters.
Just looking for some history on anyone who was initially told "1" and later found "2" and did you have any "feelings".. Thanks!

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