im really concerned !!!
vickiewray posted:
am 16 years old , i have been playing soccer for a long time ! but i am 5/6 weeks pregnant, & when i found out i planned on quitting soccer , but i ended up going to one practice thinking i would be fine as long as we didnt play with the ball or do anything physcial . so i went to practice and we ran ALOT and just alot of excersices for oour legs i jumped around some not alot but i did and like i said we did alot of running, i was looking online to see if i could have a miscarriage just by going to practice one time but im still confused and im wondering if you guys could give me some advice .. i have checked my underwear and paper when i wiped i dont have ANY bleeding , i have like cramps but only once in a while and my mom says thats normal for early pregnancy , so what do you guys think am i okay ?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You're fine. Since you've been playing for a long time, your body is already used to it. You should actually be able to continue to play until your stomach starts throwing off your balance or until your doctor tells you otherwise.