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Can't keep a secret!!
Lisa630 posted:
We found out (officially) last night that I am pregnant! This will be #2 for us and we've decided to (TRY!) keep the pregnancy a secret for a while, hopefully until the first appointment. I'm busting at the seams! (not literally yet) But I want so bad to tell everyone! I know the benefits to waiting to announce and that's why I'm keeping quiet, but I can tell everyone here! YAH! I'm SOOOOO excited!!!

We have 2 crazy labs and an amazing 2 year old so we are beyond excited to welcome another baby to the family!

Sorry for the randomness of my post but I had to share with someone!!
aka85 responded:
Woohoo!!! Yay!!! Congrats!! That's awesome! I know how you feel! My husband and I did the same thing, and we finally were able to announce a couple of days ago! Its sooo hard to keep quiet! Hang in there! You can do it. And if you can always confide in ONE person, and swear them to secrecy, but just so you know, it doesn't help a whole lot!
(DS born 10/29/10) ~ Expecting 2, BFP 8/7/12 EDD (haven't had 1st appt yet)
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It is hard to keep quiet. I had to tell one person at work with each pregancy and swore them to secrecy or I would have burst. Of course, there were people I told such as my parents, DH's parents, a good friend, and my SIL.
Lisa630 replied to aka85's response:
This weekend I told my younger brother (he doesn't live around here and I know I can trust him!) But like you said, it didn't seem to help much! I'm bursting with joy but trying to hold it in. Especially through this weekend (a good friend is getting married so I have to make sure this stays a secret, I'd hate to ruin her day and steal her spotlight!) It did even feel just a little better for just a minute when I called to schedule our first appointment (I got to tell the receptionist!) haha!

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