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So many variables... Help?
KP1985 posted:
  • *I just posted this on the "Am I Pregnant" board - but I remember this one being more active. Sorry for the duplicate!

    It's a long story, and I have a good reason for posting instead of calling my doctor - I recently moved to Spain and my Spanish is not good enough yet to call anyone here. [br>[br>First of all, I am/was on birth control. It's called Donabel, and it's like ortho-tri-cyclen. [br>[br>I had to get my wisdom tooth (yes, I only had one) out so I started antibiotics last Wednesday (this was at the end of my second week of pills). I think my husband and I might have "had relations" once before we remembered that bc and antibiotics don't mix. Anyway, Friday I had my tooth out and started bleeding. I had a very, very light and short period (about 4 days long, with very little bleeding) starting on Friday right after my surgery. [br>[br>But I have been feeling symptoms like pregnancy symptoms all week. Super tired, really emotional, over-sensitive breasts, constipation, cravings, heartburn, discharge...[br>[br>My husband has gone downtown to see if he can find an open pharmacy to buy a test, but I wanted to see if anyone here had advice or wisdom for me. [br>[br>Thanks!
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    aka85 responded:
    Well, a period is a period, light or not. You can have spotting and be pregnant, but if you think it was a light period, I'd say you're safe. Some people say they experienced "implantation bleeding", but I've never known anyone personally who experienced this. Not sure when your last period was, but it sounds too early to test. I really think you're ok though. Good luck! Update when you find out!
    (DS born 10/29/10) ~ Expecting 2, BFP 8/7/12 EDD (haven't had 1st appt yet)

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