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Is my bleeding normal??
ssterns posted:
I am hoping that someone has a similar story that they can share that has a positive and happy outcome. Long story short I had my first positive HPT on 8/31/2012 after being 10 days late for my period. That afternoon I started barely spotting very light brown, over the next couple days it increased in spotting but was still brown, I look online and read a bunch of different postings saying that it is probaby just implantation spotting and the release of "old" blood, hence the brown color. Well the next Tuesday, 9/4/2012, I started spotting bright red, which I had read was a warning and porbably not good. Well, it has increased to just more than spotting, maybe a super light period. I went into ER 9/4/2012, when the bright red started, and they did a pelvic and blood tests to test for RH and test my antibodies and to see how far along I was. They determined that I was 4 weeks, roughly, but everything else came back fine. They said to get in to see an OB and to keep an eye on things, told me to watch for clotting, heavy bleeding and/or excrutiating cramping. I made an appointment and saw an OB this past Friday and they tested my HCG levels and they were good. They had gone from 250 in the ER last Tuesday to 667 on Friday. My question is... Even with no cramping/pain and no clotting, when should the bleeding worry me? Doc said that they would be doing an ultrasound probably next week, but they have to wait until my HCG levels reach 6000.

Does anyone have any input? I mean the doc has said that more than likely everything is ok but I have been bleeding lightly for a week now. Makes me wonder! Any feedback would be awesome! I appreciate it!
AmandaDanielleBrown responded:
had a similar problem but my levels were all kinds of off, they actually thought i had miscarried until i demanded an ultrasound. which showed i had a baby in my tummy, very much alive!!!! i was put on progesterone and now im 27 weeks pregnant and doing good, nothing seems to be wrong. so i wouldnt worry unless you have a real reason to be. alot of girls bleed and spot during pregnancy, you can actually have full blown periods while pregnant.
jhetsmom responded:
I started brown spotting at 7 weeks. I continued for a week. I saw my mw the first day it started and went back once a week after to see what was happening. The US showed a Subchorionic hematoma and I got put on light duty and pelvic rest. At 8 weeks the spotting had stopped the ultrasound showed the baby with a heartbeat but still had the hematoma. They said as long as the bleeding had stopped and I wasn't cramping, everything should be fine. I am happy to say I am now almost 11 weeks. Still no more spotting and Im sure there is still a baby in there due to all the pregnancy symptoms. I have another d/a on the 19th with US to see where the hematoma is at and how the baby is doing.
If you read about about the statistics of miscarrying and the associated bleeding, with spotting such as yours, there is really only a 5-10% chance.
Take it easy, put your feet up, drink plenty of water, and focus on growing a baby instead of losing one. You'd be surpirsed what the power of positive thinking can do. GL and KUP

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