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PAINFUL Abcess on Groin and 9 weeks preg...
Anon_19128 posted:
Sometimes I get small abcess's (boils) around my bikini line and groin area. They normally clear up within a a day or two.

this time I developed a big clup of them all together right on my groin area in my pubic hair. I counted at least three all clumped together with one really big one. It is squishy so it is not cellulitis.

Its been about 4 days since symptom onset and I am starting to feel kind of achey all over down there and its not getting better. I (CAREFULLY) shaved the area and have been washing it 2ce a day with dial soap and changing a small band-aide 3x a day. Warm compress when I have time.

I have had other small red bumps (like the boils at the very begining stage) popping up on my legs and butt and upper lip, but they are basically drained and gone by the next day.

I know not to lance it myself... but heres the catch:

I can't go to the hospital. My health ins hasnt kicked in yet, according to the lady at DSS (whom I called this AM) it will take at least another 30-45 days before I receive my card as they havnt even processed my paperwork. I havnt even been to see a midwife or OB yet for my pregnancy. I went to planned parenthood and paid in cash to get my proof of pregnancy. She CLAIMS that just b/c I am pregnant and am within financial guidlines doesnt mean I will even be approved for health ins so I shouldnt goto see anybody thinking that I will be paid back (rectroactive from application date, IF I am approved) she said she has personally denied pregnant women even though they are within financial guidelines. So now, I am terrified I wont have health ins.

I feel like I should go to the doctor for this, but we can NOT afford another medical bill. We are still paying off my husbands medical debt from 6 years ago when he went into rehab (he has been clean and sober since, but we STILL have over $4000 left to pay... I guess its better than him still being an addict...)

Is this unsafe for the baby? I am keeping it clean, and although it is really painful and red and swollen right now it will go away given time on its own, right? How can I make it clean up faster (the big painful clump on my groin... I can hardely move it hurts so bad)

Any advice is welcome.
jazze_mind responded:
I had this happen to me when I was pregnant with my oldest son (he's seven now). But I had one the size of a golf ball on my vagina lip (Sorry for the visual). But I went to the hospital for them to lance it. And they gave me what I think was some sort of antibiotics. And after that they didnt come back. I also had to change my diet because I found out that the boils were due to toxins and excess waste in my body (I ate alot of junk during this time).

Sorry to hear about your whole insurance situation. But that's crazy that you can get care even if your pregnant. If I were you I would go to her supervisor or manager to have this situation addressed.

Hope this helps!


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