Hello lovely mommies!
KLN777 posted:
Hello all! I just got my BFP this morning for baby #2! We are super excited. I used an OPK so I am pretty sure I know when it happened. Based on that, my due date will likely be set somewhere around June 22nd or so. Any other June mamas? Looking forward to getting to know you ladies!
4Hallbs responded:
Congrats!! I wish I could pin point my due date! My first doc appt is Monday so won't know till then!

Is baby #1 super excited??
KLN777 replied to 4Hallbs's response:
My first appt is Monday, too. I feel silly not knowing what to expect since I already have one, but the OB where I used to live didn't want to see me this early. My oldest is only 2, so I don't know that she totally gets it. She did tell my husband "baby sister" this morning. Is this your first baby or do you have others? I'll check back on Monday to find out your due date!
4Hallbs replied to KLN777's response:
We have a four year old girl, she will be very excited to have a younger sibling. Last night she asked me when she was going to get one. I just told her, "Sooner than you think" We are afraid to tell her because she is known to spill beans!
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missashley1010 responded:
So far my due date is June 1st! This is also my 2nd baby. Hopefully it will stay on the first when I have my ultrasound. I know I will end up being a may mommy just because I will have my c-section a week before. But for now I follow the June mommys on my other boards.
KLN777 replied to missashley1010's response:
Hi Ashley! Congrats! How old is your first? Is he/she excited? I constantly talking to our 2 year old about it, but she is not quite getting it yet. Luckily, she has a good while yet to figure it out. Seems like there are a lot of us having our second babies in June!
missashley1010 replied to KLN777's response:
Thank you! My first is a year old. Funny story I took my pregnancy test the morning of his 1st birthday What a surprise. He dont understand baby at all but I know this shareing mommy will be a challenge for him. Just wait till you have your bump then she might be more understanding. I know its good to have other people going through the transition between one child to two! Im nervouse but excited! 2 under 2!