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(Surprise!) Blessed 35 yr old mom-to-be
saraboykin posted:
After "completing" our family in 2006 (ha!), my husband and I learned we are expecting our third child in June 2013. Yes, it is very early, but we are in awe of the miracle. We are very careful individuals - but we're crediting God with this oops. We are still in shock. Anyone else experiencing a similar situation?
KLN777 responded:
Not in the same situation, but just wanted to say congratulations! God sure does do funny things sometimes! When are you due?
saraboykin replied to KLN777's response:
I won't know the exact due date for about a week, but we're thinking in June 2013.
KLN777 replied to saraboykin's response:
Welcome to the club! A bunch of us on here are due in June. So it looks like several of us will be going through a lot of the same things at he same time. Ought to get exciting when it's time for gender ultrasounds!
saraboykin replied to KLN777's response:
Yes, very interesting. I have a boy and girl - and so my imagination is going crazy with the scenarios!
Momof2hopingfor3 replied to saraboykin's response:
Congrats! Your family have truely been blessed. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy as well as baby. I do have a ? if not to personal ,I noticed SUPRISED. So were the two of you practicing Birth controll, Tubal, vasectomy,or did you just assume you were no longer able to conceive? Reason I ask is I had my Tubes Tied 2003 and may be expecting.Running tests and waiting to see. My Fiancee has no biological children and is a great man/father/partner . He is just all round a wonderfull man and want so badly to give him the best gift there is to offer LIFE! Again God Bless you and your family. Enjoy every moment as you know it goes by so fast!
saraboykin replied to Momof2hopingfor3's response:
It's especially obvious this third time around - that things pass by quickly, and I am trying to enjoy each little moment (is that even possible in the first trimester?!) My husband and I were using spermicide mainly - sometimes with condoms and sometimes without. I've learned in these last few weeks that spermicide is a terrible form of birth control, when used alone, with a fail rate of 28%. I obviously did not know this! Thank you for the well wishes. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family. My husband and I are tentatively very excited. We know this is very early, but I definitely am experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I pray that God will answer your prayer. It sounds as though your fiance is a wonderful man.

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