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Could i still be pregnant?
An_248734 posted:
Im 22 years old had my period this month october 1 ended on the 3rd and had sexual relations on the 5th now on the 29th on October started to have really bad period like cramps 10 -20 minutes after i started to bleed and i know it is not my period because women have periods every once a month, my friend that is a nurse is telling me that iam going through Implantation bleeding but as i read other people symptoms of regnancy they only spot and bearly bleed during implatation and my bleeding is like a normal period so iam very confused
KLN777 responded:
It sounds like your period may have come just a couple of days early. Actually, it sounds right on time for a 28 day cycle. Implantation bleeding is not like that and it happens 6-10 days after you get pregnant. So it would have happened a while back if it was that. You may just be having an extra sucky period. If you think you might be pregnant, you could take a pregnancy test. Since you are over 4 weeks since your LMP, the result should be accurate.
vybe77 replied to KLN777's response:
Hi there,
I was about to say the same as KLN777 about your cycle being right on time if you have a 28 day have coneived you would of had to have sex between days 10 and 20 of your cycle and that would have been way after Oct. 5th so more than likely you just had your reg. monthly..
If you do want to try to take a home test the results would be accurate since you are 4 weeks after your last cycle..

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