Please help!!! Evaporation line or Posititve???
An_248772 posted:
I've had many symptoms for weeks, late period, spotting for a few days, on birth control so not normally having late periods, and more. Well, I've taken a few home tests and two of them did the same thing. In the time frame its supposed to take to show the results it would show a very very faint line on the pregnant part and a very dark line for the control part. Then the line had seemed to go away or it may have been my eyes messing with me but came up darker later on during the day. With color (the purple/pink) and not a clear/brownish/grey color line and went from top to bottom. So, is that a positive or an evap line? Am I pregnant or not? Has this happened to anyone else and they actually were pregnant? I've never had an evaporation line so not really sure what they can look like.
missashley1010 responded:
If I were you id go get a clear blue easy digital gives you a pregnant or not pregnant answer none of that line business. I never had a evap line but my lines were very faint on the dye tests so I just got a digital and that cleared things up real quick.
Shortcake88 replied to missashley1010's response:
I had thought about doing that. And I definitely agree with you, I hate the whole 'line' tests! But I dont get paid till tomorrow, so I called the clinic and I'm going in tomorrow to get another couple tests (urine and blood) and a sono done. Thank you though for your reply, I just didnt have any of those things with my other 3 kids so wasnt wanting to say yes or no yet. lol
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Idk why it showed me as a non member when I posted this earlier!
Me (24), DF (26), DSS (5), DD (2), DD (1). Very happy and lucky of my little family!
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Cant go wrong at the doctor office. Let us know if your going to be expecting a bundle of joy!