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When to inform people?
rosie051985 posted:
On Friday, I found out I was pregnant! I figure I am about 5 weeks pregnant. I'm really excited...well getting there. I only told my partner (duh) and a friend because at first I was in a small panic. I really want to tell my sister, but fear it is too early. When is a good time to tell family and friends?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Some women tell right away and some wait until the first trimester has passed. It's totally up to you. As for me, I told my SIL, my parents, DH's parents, my best friend, and one person at work. I waited until after we heard the heartbeat both times before I told everyone else.

I did tell my boss for my second one and was glad I did. I had bad morning (read: all day) sickness and had to leave work early a few times.
mommyin2011 responded:
Congrats!!! with my first, I told my family the day I found out (via hpt) on Thanksgiving day 2010 and told my work after it was confirmed by the OB.

with my second, I told my mom, dad and mom-in-law the day I found out (I found out at work - also told 1 co-worker). I told everyone else on Thanksgiving day 2011.

My babies are 11 1/2 months apart!!

I also tried and IUI. For us, it did not work, but we did end up getting preg. the month after doing the IUI with my first baby.

Good luck to you! Don't panic for every little thing...I did with my first and it was hard to relax and enjoy my pregnancy. With my 2nd, I was more relaxed - and just tried to enjoy myself.
Me (30) DH (32) - DS 7/31/11 - DD 7/18/12
Spartan_Mommy responded:
We told our family and friends right away with all three pregnancies. The way we look at it is that if things go well and they know, we would want their support and prayers... if things don't go well and we lost the pregnancy then we would want their support and prayers. Either way it is up to you.
KLN777 responded:
With my first pregnancy, we told our families at about 6 weeks, but no one else. I had known someone that had told the whole world the minute she found out, then miscarried and for over a month had people asking her about a baby that was gone. I did not want that to happen to me. I did end up having a miscarriage that first time and having my mom to talk to made a big difference for me, but it was hard for my family, too. Some people from my husband's work knew bc one woman he worked with saw us at the dr's office and blabbed to everyone. It was worse for my husband bc he had to tell people. One guy did congratulate me at one of their work events while I was still bleeding and I just pretended like I didn't know what he was talking about. My husband cleared that up later, but I just couldn't talk about it. That incident confirmed my belief in waiting to tell people,

When I got pregnant with my daughter, we waited until 10 weeks. This time, we are waiting until 11 (the extra week is to make it coincide with my grandfather's birthday). I don't mean to be a naysayer. Odds are always better that things with the baby will be fine. But I am terrified of having to tell the world about a miscarriage. The one incident I had was terrible. I think it's worth a few weeks' wait.
claraaxel13 responded:
I'm also 5 weeks and we told everyone right away because either way we would want the support of our family and friends but try not to stress about it.

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