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Starting to show already???
KLN777 posted:
Does anyone else feel like you might be getting a bump already? I'm just about 10 weeks and I'm noticing a little growth is the kangaroo pouch I always have (coutesy of genetics). It seems fuller on the bottom than normal. I didn't really ave anything going on with my stomach until about 17 weeks with my daughter, so this seems pretty nuts to me. My smaller jeans are getting slightly snug even tho I've lost a pound. Luckily, my fat jeans from when I was 13 pounds heavier in the spring should last me a while. Just has me wondering how big I will be by the time this baby comes. Anyone else growing already?
Spartan_Mommy responded:
I am and I have lost 2 pounds. I have always shown early with all my kiddos. This time I had to break out few of my maternity pants at 6 weeks because a few pairs of jeans and several skirts were too snug. They say the more you have, the earlier you show.
KLN777 replied to Spartan_Mommy's response:
Phew! Glad it's not just me! I was starting to feel like freak. It's really weird to me to be showing this early since it was sooooooo much later with my first. I'm just worried that by the time June rolls around, I will look like I'm 12 mos pg with triplets.
claraaxel13 responded:
I have heard that with more kids you will show faster.
MrsBurt05 responded:
I'm 10w5d with baby #3 and I'm getting a pooch. I lost 8 pounds and it looks like I gained 15 some days. When I was 6w2d I was bloated so much I looked 6 months pregnant!! Haha! The bloating has stopped at like week 8, but now I'm getting an actual baby pooch instead of it being bloat. So you are not alone!
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