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Dates seem off acording to Dr
ncbarr76 posted:
Hi! My name is Nadia. I am a bit scared, see I had my 1st pregnancy listed as a Trisomy18 case & the baby did not make it. Since then I had 2 beautiful girls & now I am pregnanct but the Dr does not want me to tell anyone since the date of my last period & the time the ultrasound shows is off by over 2 weeks. I'm scared that something is wrong since the time is off as it was in the 1st pregnancy. I have been good with my progesterone & want to know is is normal for there to be a gap of 2-3 weeks from the date of your last period & the date of the ultrasound?
ncbarr76 responded:
One more thing, I took 2 over the counter tests a week after I missed my period, both negative. Went a week after that & had bloodwork done on a Friday - said negative count was a 5 and on Monday I went again to make sure and it read positive & the count was 73. I hope someone has sone responses to my concerns.
KLN777 replied to ncbarr76's response:
It's possible that you got pregnant later than you think. You may have ovulated later than usual. I used an ovulation prediction kit and I know I ovulated a week later than my last period would suggest. On top of that, knowing when I ovulated and when I would have had to have conceived, my first u/s set my due date at 4 days later than it was when dated by ovulation. So all in all, I am 11 days behind when my LMP would say I am due. I wonder if this might be the case with you, too based on the neg test a week after your missed period and then a 5 a week after that. A 5 makes me think (in my non-professional opinion) that your baby may have implanted only a few hours before your test. From everything I've read (which is a lot, I am an over reader), you conceive roughly 6 days before implantation and your body starts producing HCG at implantation. So it sounds at least possible, if not probable, that you just ovulated late. I am sure you are terrified after your experience with your first baby, but try not to worry too much. When do you go back for another ultrasound? Keep me posted. I'll be praying for you!

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