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hi guys, new here :)
cupcake_kat posted:
hey everybody, I'm Kat and I'm new here.
Always been kind of a lurker around webmd but I feel like its time to start participating
I'm 23 and married to the love of my life <3
According to my webmd pregnancy calendar I will be exactly 7 weeks this Sunday. This is my first pregnancy and I'm super excited but also really scared because this is all really new to me!
Ofc with everything in my life, my situation is 'special' or as I call it..complicated. My momma, my grandmother, and basically all of my close family are gone as of the last 5 years or so (with the exception of my aunt & uncle that live about 45 mins away). Not sure if any of that is really relevant or not, but anyways, that's obviously a big factor in my life and now especially....
So far, I am super exhausted almost all the time..which I guess is okay since I'm not working at the moment. But the main thing I'm struggling with is my nausea 24/7. I haven't thrown up once, but when I try to eat anything I can just feel I stop. I know this is bad and it also doesn't help that I am hypo-glycemic. I have been trying different teas, taking my prenatals in the evening instead of morning, all like my mother-in-law has been suggesting. Most of it helps a little, but I'm not sure its helping enough. I feel like crap because I"m not getting enough nutrition, I feel spacey during the day, so of course I don't feel like going out for a walk or doing any exercise would be good until I can get my eating thing fixed, though I want to get started on it.
Any advice, info, help, support, whatever is totally welcomed
Sorry if I bored you with this big paragraph of junk

KLN777 responded:
Hi Kat,

First of all, congratulations! I'm sorry to hear about your family situation. It must be so hard to go through this without them. If you feel like the nausea is keeping you from getting the nutrition you need, talk to your dr about Zofran. It's medicine they can give you to ease the nausea. It has helped several of my friends. I didn't have any luck with it, but that was bc I was throwing up everything I ate. The Navy dr gave me tablets, which was stupid. They do have Zofran in a sublingual, so you just put it under your tongue instead of swallowing it. I'm not as sick this time around and I've found that peppermint drops that contain real peppermint oil help a bit. They are candy, so maybe that would help with you ow blood sugar, too.

I hope you feel better soon! Most people do arund the start of the second trimester. Take care!

claraaxel13 responded:
With the nausea try eating something before getting out of bed, I've found that if I have saltines first thing in the morning (before I even use the bathroom) and keep them on hand it helps me to want food later on and keep it down. As far as support I have been looking for someone who is about the same lenght as I am because, although I have family and friends who have been there, I feel as though I am alone on what's happening right now.

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